Print Wirelessly From An Iphone

Wireless printing has made life easier for people of all age groups who used printers daily. You can now print from anywhere using any device without much fuss. All you need is a stable network and a plug-in to begin. Print Wirelessly From An Iphone, read full article and review.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the steps that you can use to print wirelessly using an iPhone.

Steps to add a printer on IOS using HP smart app

  1. Visit and tap on there to get the app. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. Now once the start window appears for the app, agree to the terms and conditions of the application by selecting the checkbox and press start.
  2. The HP mobile printing app will start detecting printers that are on the same network. Once the printer is connected to the network, open the app again, and press on the plus sign. Turn on the Bluetooth option so that the HP app can use it to set up your printer. You can also try adding a printer manually in case the list does not include your printer. Just tap on the “set up a new printer” and click on allow.
  3. Select your printer, enter the correct password, and click on continue to proceed. The app will detect the printer, and gather additional info to complete the connection with ease.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the rest of the process. You will also have to install the HP print plugin service to use the app.

Steps to print wirelessly from an iPhone using the HP smart app

  1. Open the app on your IOS and the type of print that you want.
  2. Press ok to allow the app to access your files and documents that are saved on your iPhone.
  3. Choose the photo that you want to print from the particular folder. Click on edit if you want to make any changes and click on done once you have edited the photo.
  4. Press Print to start the print wirelessly.

You can use the steps given above to print wirelessly from an iPhone.

For further info, you may contact the Apple service center.

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