Can You Use DevOps and Agile Methodology Together?

DevOps is a software development methodology that brings large teams together so they can roll out software releases at a much faster rate. whereas Agile is used to help smaller teams focus and collaborate in a way that they can quickly react to the changing needs of a consumer. The Agile methodology uses sprints which can last weeks or months to help manage the development process but with DevOps consulting services you have to manage hyper-releases and they can be planned for several per day.

Working Together

These differences do not mean, however, that you cannot use both of them together. Cloud DevOps consulting services helps with the promotion of fully automated deployment and continuous integration allows companies to plan frequent releases. Agile methodologies give people the ability to adapt to changing requirements and promotes collaboration between smaller teams.

The mutual benefits of DevOps and Agile help organizations develop and implement better technologies at a faster speed. There is also an emphasis on prioritizing the technology you are developing or your customers first. You should have an understanding of the software, its purpose, who it is intended for, and how it can be improved.

Challenges with Implementing Both

There are drawbacks associated with DevOps and Agile because of the cultural shift between the two. DevOps consulting services have a requirement of two siloed teams, and they can nurture their relationship together. Whereas for Agile to prosper it is important to shift towards a new and unconventional work environment.

The potential challenges will be more prominent in larger organizations because there are different teams with their own goals. These teams have a specific way of thinking, and it might be tricky to get them to adopt new measures. They have ingrained habits so you should go in with the necessary resources as well as stakeholder approval for either one or both approaches.

Individual Advantages | Use DevOps and Agile Methodology Together

Agile has a lot of advantages over the conventional way of doing things but there are certain challenges associated with it. Larger teams especially can benefit from user-focused development, better collaboration, flexibility, and faster product delivery. However, there are some challenges associated with it too and you have the uncertainty that comes with an end goal when you are working with bigger teams.

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For cloud DevOps consulting, product innovation can be accelerated. And executed in a way that does not create a huge burden on the company. DevOps promotes better quality, performance, and product innovation. But if it is not done right then it can become a bigger burden. Your investments, tools, and infrastructure can go to waste.

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Both approaches are better for improving end-user value in their way. Agile improves development cycles while DevOps ensures the improvement is continuous. You can use both of them for your benefit.

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