Can Oracle on Azure Service Boost Your Business Application Deployment & Performance?

oracle on azure service

If you are considering migrating your data or workloads to the cloud, oracle on azure service is the best option for your needs. As a leading cloud provider, Azure offers various cloud services to help you efficiently manage your Oracle workloads. Let’s explore how Azure Service can assist/benefit you in moving your Oracle workloads to … Read more

Why am I Getting High Ping with Victony Extender? Help Me!

Netgear Nighthawk Router

Although the probability of facing any WiFi-related problem after installing a Victony range extender is minimum, still some users complain about facing some. They often say that their WiFi extender causes the internet to drop and hence they get high ping while playing online games. As a result, they have lost countless games. Are you … Read more

My Comfast WiFi Extender is Not Showing Up. What to Do?

After successfully completing the Comfast extender setup, one needs to access its network to enjoy unlimited WiFi services. But, can there be something more painful than the extender’s network name not appearing in the network list? Of course not! In light of the same situation, we’ve penned down this write-up. Here, we’ve tried to mention … Read more

Amped WiFi Extender Can’t Get IP Address? Let’s Fix It!

For the proper functioning of an Amped wireless range extender, it is necessary that it stays connected to the main router and gets an IP address without fluctuating. But, things can be awry when the Amped WiFi extender can’t get IP address from the main router and start giving networking problems. In case you’re also … Read more