Characteristics of Zeon Zoysia That Makes It the Best Choice

When you shop for turfgrass, either commercial or residential properties, there are plenty of options available. One of the types highly recommended is the zeon zoysia. It can develop a deep root system that provides endurance against all kinds of weather.

In addition to that, the characteristics that make it stand out from the rest comprises:


One of the best things about this turf grass is that it is durable in every season. Whether it is the extreme heat of the south or cold winters, it can survive in both kinds of weather. It has also proven to be successful and thriving in the coastal and low mountain areas.


This warm turf grass will thrive in the south areas and will stay green for a longer time. It starts to dormant a little in the fall and winter but will turn green again as soon as given enough water or the rain season starts.

Shade Tolerance & Drought Tolerance

If you are looking for the best shade-tolerant grass, zoysia is the one to consider. It has good survivability in both the sunlight and the shade. The minimum zeon zoysia sun requirements are four hours of direct sunlight.

The drought tolerance level of this grass is high. It survives the drought by turning dormant. The turf rolls up the leaves and turns grey until the temperature is warming up again.

Water Management

The zoysia will not survive in bad drainage areas. The optimum level with this grass is 1-inch of water weekly. It can vary depending on the climate condition and physical characteristics of the soil.

As for the watering, you can get assistance from experts in any Atlanta sod company. These experts will make sure that water management is on point.

Weed & Insect Tolerance

When the zoysia is well-maintained during its dense growth, there is a minimum to no chance for weed to grow. But to be on the safe side, you can use pre-emergent herbicides in the spring and fall seasons to prevent weed formation.

As compared to other sod turfs, this one is the most tolerant of common insects. They won’t be creating any issues for you. The insects that can damage the zoysia include grubs, bill, and armyworms. If you want to protect zoysia from insects, it is recommended to use treatments right after laying down the grass.

Diseases Resistance

With zoysia, you will not face any disease problems unless there is poor water or fertility management. When the turf is over-fertilized, the Zoysia Patch Disease can be a problem. It is recommended to use the necessary treatments to avoid the problem altogether.

Wear & Traffic Tolerance

This grass is for large venues and golf courses, so traffic tolerance is high. If you install it on your lawn, it won’t be damaged if pets stay on the grass or children play on it. If there are any damages, the bare spots will be filled-in quickly, making it highly wear tolerant.


When it comes to zeon zoysia fertilizer, it is recommended that you should apply .2-.5 lbs nitrogen per 1000 sq ft annually. Always choose a fertilizer based on the soil test. For the zoysia lawn, special fertilizers are available in the market. Be careful, as with warm-season turfs, over-fertilizing can end up in thatchy and unhealthy lawn grass.

Zeon zoysia is considered among the best types of zoysia grass. They are tolerant of many climate conditions, making the survivability high. Make your property appealing and pleasant to the eyes with the deep green zoysia grass.

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