Complete Guide to know Paramount Plus on direct tv

Complete Guide to know Paramount Plus on direct tv

If you are a DIRECTV user you must be aware of the Paramount Plus. Still, in case you are figuring out what channel is paramount on DirecTV, then, you are at the correct platform to get all the necessary information regarding this. 

The Paramount Network is currently available at 80+ Million homes in the US. keep reading to know directv paramount plus through this comprehensive approach. 

What Channel is Paramount Plus on DirecTV?

It is on channel 241 on Directv. Browse the entertainment category or explore the Directv guide. The paramount plus of Directv is an American basic cable and satellite television channel. It is owned by the ViaComCBS Domestic media networks. It was initially launched as Spike in January 2018, as an entertainment channel. The objective of the channel was to gain a male audience. 

In addition to this in 2018 itself the channel was again rebranded as Paramount shifted its focus to a broader audience rather than only males. 

Note: The channel lineup may vary based on your plan and the location. 

Is it Free with Directv?

Although, it depends upon the type of package that you have selected. If you have chosen to go with a DIRECTV’S “Choice” package then you can utilize this with zero added cost. 

However, in case you are looking to assess whether you have it or not then dive into the DIRECTV website and check the channel lineup. Additionally, you can communicate your concern to DIRECTV customer support to collect more precise information. Don’t forget you should not miss the fact that the channel availability greatly depends upon your location. 

What is all About the Paramount Plus?

The streaming service Paramount Plus is operated by Viacom CBS. The CBS All Access which was launched in 2014, is now rebranded with this name. The paramount plays were established in 2021. It also featured a wide range of programming stuff such as live sports, original series, movies, etc. 

Besides this, it also offers on-demand TV shows and movies. Along with this at Paramount Plus you can utilize access to live streaming from various networks such as BET, CBS, & nickelodeon. Moreover, you can access these services on devices such as tablets, phones, TVs, streaming players, etc. Furthermore, it is available to access with an affordable monthly subscription fee. 

Popular Shows That you can Watch

If you are still wondering which content you should start to watch on this network, don’t forget to check the list here. 

  1. Younger: It is a comedy-drama picturizing the story of a single mother who tries to enter the job market after a gap of a decade. She tries to act like a 26-year-old and tries to establish a balance between her professional and personal lives. 
  2. Bar Rescue: It is a reality series. It follows a bar and night consultant’s life John Taffer who tries to turn struggling bars into businesses. He works with the Owners to identify problems and implement improvements for the same. 
  3. Marriage Rescue: Another reality series where a couple tries to save their marriage. 
  4. lipsync Battle: It is a game show where celebrities perform battles amongst themselves. They lip-sync against each other for popular songs. Hence, the show highlights the commentaries and the celebrities’ performances. 
  5. Yellowstone: It is a drama series where the Dutton family operates a contiguous ranch in the US. The show highlights the conflicts that arise when the Dutton family tries to protect their land which is a way of life for them. 

You can begin your journey by picking one of these. Also, check out the official website to find out more information regarding Paramount Plus on DIRECTV

Furthermore, do explore to integrate the expert-driven technical information disseminated on this platform. 


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