Convert Your WordPress Blog Website into a Mobile App with AppMySite

With more than 74 million websites across the globe, WordPress holds over 35 percent market of all websites on the internet.

After a successful launch of the WooCommerce app builder,AppMySite released its app builder for WordPress blog websites. It is now possible to easily turn your WordPress site into an impressive mobile app within minutes of signing up.

In this post, we will discuss the features of this upgrade and a brief guide on how you can build your app. Let’s get started:

What do you get?

Before taking a decision, it is important that you understand every feature of this app builder. Have a look at the features that you can avail with AppMySite:

  • Native apps:Build high-performance native apps and offer a premium reading experience to your readers.
  • Theme support:Get support for most themes that are popular on WordPress.
  • Flexible subscription:Choose from multiple plans and sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.
  • Automatic population:Your WordPress mobile app will auto-populate when you connect your website to your app. Sync your products, categories, sub-categories and most information on your website to your app.
  • Real-time synchronization:As and when you add blogs to your website, they will automatically be added to your app as well.
  • User-analytics:Know the preferences of your customers and the performance of your app through your app dashboards that offers real-time updates.
  • Social-media integration:Allow customers to easily sign up or login on your app using their personal social media accounts.
  • Intuitive search:Make your app extremely user-friendly by letting customers look for their favorite topics or articles through smart search panel.
  • Integrate CMS pages:Add as many content pages as you like on your mobile app.
  • End-to-end customization:Design your mobile app by creating the perfect app icon, splash screen, app layout and app dashboard with AppMySite.
  • Unlimited push notifications:Keep your customers in the loop, always. Send push notifications to your readers whenever you publish a new blog.
  • Build for free:You can start building your app free of cost and test it on a real device before signing up for a paid plan to publish it. Once you are happy, subscribe for a paid plan.

Build your app in three easy steps

Building your app with AppMySite is a breeze.

1 – Sign up for a plan: Register your WordPress website by choosing an appropriate plan to build your app. If you are not sure, you can start with the free plan, build your app, test it on a real device and upgrade the plan to publish the app on app stores.

2 – Design your plan:Start by creating an arresting App Icon. In a similar manner, design your launch screen (aka splash screen), login & sign up screen, app layout and finally your dashboard.Read here for a step by step guide.

3 – Publish app: Once you build your app, you can see how it works by downloading it on a real device. If you are happy with the performance, register for a paid plan and publish your app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Turn your WordPress site into a mobile app today with AppMySite. Visit the website to know more.

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