Today, Nursing home abuses are very prevalent. Dallas personal injury lawyers – This article focuses on the care home resident’s rights which the  Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas, Texas helps to protect.

Dallas personal injury lawyers and the rights of nursing home residents

When you entrust your parents or other elders to a nursing facility, you expect that they will treat them with care, respect, and love. 

If you feel that the nursing home’s staff is abusing your loved one or if you think that a lack of quality care caused your loved one’s death, you should get legal advice from the Nursing home abuse attorneys who deal with nursing facility injury or death cases.


Evidence of Abuse or Neglect in a Care Home

Many care home lawsuits start when a family member pays a visit to a patient and finds something odd. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, patients are unable or afraid to disclose the abuse. As a result, if you see something strange, follow your intuition and seek support from Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers.

The nursing home abuse attorneys deal with lawsuits involving:

  • Neglect in nursing homes 

(the general type of abuse are the inability to give water and food, not providing a proper environment, and other neglects)


  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Death by choking
  • Incorrect use of restriction
  • Problems with medication
  • a lack of answer to a patient’s requests for assistance

A Nursing Home Resident’s Legal Rights

Care homes are private entities that provide home, food, and medical care to the elderly, sick, or disabled. It is not a type of hospital because It doesn’t offer health care services, but it does look similar to hospitals in many ways. 


Nursing facilities divided their services into four types under federal law:

  • Boarding houses for adults
  • Centers for residential care
  • Facilities of Intermediate care
  • Nurses with advanced training

The rules that apply vary based on the type. Under federal law, the institution needs a detailed policy against resident care, abuse, and exploitation. 

Nursing Home should give verbal and written details of the services they will get along with their rights to the residents of care homes.

The authorities should send these updates before accepting the person and regularly during his stay, in clear terms. 

You can hire Dallas personal injury lawyers to protect the patient’s rights under the personal injury laws. A care home patient’s rights, which he or she should accept in writing, are as follows. As a patient of a nursing home, you have the right to:

  • Meet your family, as well as resident supporters and service providers, physicians and health experts, and state and federal government authorities.
  • Unless it harms his or her health, you should have and utilize your personal belongings.
  • Request for, and getting approval for, health benefits. Nursing homes cannot force you to leave due to such services.
  • You can choose your physician or doctor.
  • You must be fully aware of your healthcare.
  • Get help in the care and treatment plan.
  • Refuse to get medical care.
  • Get rid of mental and physical abuse.
  • If it is not essential to address a medical problem or symptoms, no one can restrain or force you.
  • Bring up your difficulties and issues so that the nursing home may solve them quickly.
  • Take part in activities as long as the actions do not harm the rights and benefits of other members.
  • Nursing homes can’t force you to put your cash in a care home.
  • Ensure your privacy in your rooms, during checkups, visits, and meetings with family and other visitors.

A nursing home patient has many rights, and here are just a few of them. If you think the nursing home is violating any of your rights. Contact Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys and file a case.



Many care home lawsuits start when a family member pays a visit to a patient. Patients in nursing homes have various rights. Dallas personal injury lawyers can protect the rights of the patient under the personal injury laws.

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