noise cancelling earbuds

In today’s world, noise is almost everywhere and it is the biggest hindrance in any communication. Therefore we need to find the best way to do away with it. Headphones, earphones, and ear-buds have improved technology which helps in reducing noise. The technology used determines the amount of sound canceled.

The difference between the Noise Cancelling and Noise Isolating

First and foremost both noise-canceling and noise isolation helps in blocking out noise from the external environment. But there is a very great difference in how these two are made and how they work. Below are some of the differences.

1. Operation

Noise-cancellation has an active approach in blocking out surrounding external noise i.e. there exist one or more built microphones into the headsets which will detect the external noise.

In noise isolation, the technology the process involves blocking out external noises. The method uses the choice of best building materials & an ergonomic design which blocks out more incoming noise from getting into your ear canal.

2. Power source

For noise cancellation to take place there must be a power source to run the microphones while in noise isolation no power source needed for the method to work.

3. Noise-reduction level

With noise isolation devices, they will be able to block noise which ranges from 25 to 30 decibels while in noise cancellation the technology works wonders. This technology makes one’s music audible and clear enough for you to appreciate even if you are in a place where there is more loud noise.

Noise isolation operates best with every range of noise but with noise-canceling headphones, they’re generally more efficient in isolating sounds with a higher pitch and less efficient at lower whispering sounds.

4. Sound quality

With noise cancellation devices, you will get clear sound and they are more effective in canceling more noise than in noise isolation.

Noise-canceling sometimes changes the audio while noise Isolation won’t interfere with the audio quality. Therefore noise-isolating devices are best if you value sound quality more than technology.

5. Comfort

Noise isolating ear-buds have some of the downsides which majorly comes from the fact that our ears have different shapes. Also, the person using noise isolating ear-bud will feel like he or she is having something artificial that is crammed into one’s and you may get tired after some time of use.

6. Cost

Noise-canceling devices cost more money while noise-isolating devices are relatively cheap.

7. Example of device

Example of devices that use noise-canceling technology is Sony WF-1000XM3, Bose Quiet-Comfort 20, Phiaton BT-120 NC and others while noise isolation devices include Beyerdynamic DT-770 M, ATH-M50X, Sennheiser HD 280-PRO, and others.


In summary, all the devices have a unique advantage over the other. The effectiveness of a device will depend on the environment you are in. Generally, Noise cancellation devices have more advantages compared to noise isolation therefore they are much better. Remember, all noise-canceling earphones are also noise-isolating to some extent but not the vice versa.

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