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Different types of ATVs

by paulmark

What is an ATV?

By definition, an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a motorized vehicle specifically designed to be ridden on off road tracks. It has four types and a single or double seat and a handle to steer. They are also called ‘quad bikes’. They are made in different sizes and with different engine powers. Different sized gas powered ATVs are suited for different people and a model must be picked very carefully.

Different types

As there are several variants of gas powered ATVs in the markets, to make an informed decision about which gas powered ATV you want, it is important to do your own due research. The most important thing in this process is to know what different types of gas powered ATVs are there. The major ones are- 

  1. Models for youngsters- Specifically designed for the offroading adventures of young adults and children, as the name suggests, these models are smaller in size than full-sized gas powered ATVs and have a less powerful engine, which could be somewhere around 50cc. One thing to remember is that if you are concerned about the safety of your children, you can always look for a model with a passenger seat.
  2. Recreational trail ATVs- These are an upgrade on the youth models and are more powerful. The engine power is between 125cc-250cc. These are overall average recreational vehicles that do not pose a lot of threat to the rider. These are entry-level models that can be ridden by the casual rider.
  3. Utility ATVs- Again, as the name suggests, these are majorly used for work purposes and are used in the field of agriculture and construction. Their purposes can range from plowing fields to hauling materials and cargo. They are powerful enough to run on all terrains and go up to 700cc. They can climb steep hillsides with ease. These are typically gas powered ATVs, but some electric models are also getting popular, especially with hunters. This is because it helps them move around quietly, without scaring away the prey.
  4. Sport ATVs- What separates them from the rest of the ATVs is their long suspension and better handling. They have roaring engines ranging from 200cc to 400cc and are designed for jumping and sliding around corners. The experienced rider can perform great stunts on these models with ease as they are specifically designed for this purpose. 
  5. Sport/Utility Quad- These are machines that give you the best of both worlds of sports and utility ATVs. They are nimble machines with great handling, but also great raw power. The suspensions are built to sustain the vehicle on bumps as well as any other off road terrains. As they are fitted with a ton of features, the engines come in a very broad range of 200cc to 800cc.
  6. Side by Sides- Typically the size of a golf cart, these ATVs are also called SxS. They have a small suspension, but a really powerful engine, which is obvious as they are used to haul cargo and even people. It is because of their customized performance, that they are mostly bought and used in the country’s rural areas. It is an essential high-performing machine in the everyday lives of these people.

High performance Quads- These gas powered ATVs usually sit at the top of the ATV market. These are manufactured to cruise on difficult terrains like forests and deserts with ease, and power through difficult landscapes. One common significant feature of all

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