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Elegance speaks itself ! Best floral and cake gifts

In the modern times of course when the world is going to words that funky kind of fashion and people are just trying on anything and everything there are certain things that are still having to lost their class and taste and of course it is very important to be elegant with what you choose and what you wear full stop so when you are that cautious with your lifestyle of course you must be peculiar and considerate while giving gifts to others first up one of the most commonly given gifts are  flowers and cakes friends give them to each other, couples, acquaintances etc. This is like the most common upper middle class gift but can be made into something elegant. It depends on how you present the combination of these two. And that is why I have brought for you today the best flowers and cake combinations that you can give and would be a delight for the receiver. 

Boxed roses and roses cake 

I know! This sounds quite clich√© that you have to give somebody a box of roses and a rose cake. But trust me this can be made into something really classy because the roses that you’re giving aren’t something that are for a day or two but they will last up to one and half years. Yes,you got that right, these are natural roses,dipped in wax. So this can become a new decorative piece in your house. Of course roses cakes are beautiful and classy, so instead of going for that classy Rose buttercream you can actually ask your bakers to make sugar rose flowers that taste amazing with the cake and look extremely elegant. You can order flowers online to surprise your loved ones. 

Flower bouquet and matching cupcake 

Not many people think about doing this otherwise it is the perfect gift that you can give to anyone and they would be surprised and happy with what they have just received is a pure bunch of joyous flowers and matching cupcakes. All you have to do is add your cupcakes in the same way your bunch of flowers are. 

Gerbera daisies colorful bouquet and cake 

So gerbera daisies  are amazing and you will find a lot of them during the spring season. They come in a variety of colors and if you would be only lucky to receive a bunch of them with a cake that is of the same design trust me you will have that bigger and brighter smile on your face for many days as long as you will look at the bouquet and the cake. 

The best part of that because it is a cake out of Gerbera daisies so they can be made using buttercream or ganache and molded into any flavor of your choice with an on time online cake delivery that you’ll love to be surprised with and surprise others. 

Edible flowers and floral cake 

Now this option is totally different from all others that you have seen until now instead of going for the natural flowers here you can actually ask the baker to make some amazing and beautiful chocolatey flowers and nowadays everybody is so efficient that you won’t be able to draw the difference between and actual flower cake and the original flowers. So the choice is all yours whether you want edible flowers, chocolates or edible flowers as cake. Also at another floral cake this will be quite a surprise as the receiver will be unaware that what they have received is a set of two cakes in different forms.¬†

Prince and Princess theme 

So when you cannot think of anything but you have that man and woman in your life whom you would like to surprise for any special occasion like birthdays, anniversary, baby showers etc so it is not other than the prince and princess theme. And of course you can give this to men and women wise versa depending upon what the occasion is. And of course these prints and princesses will be made out of sugar, buttercream, and icing depending upon the season and the occasion. These will be just perfect and you can add a bunch of flowers. Order cake online of the prince and Princess theme to surprise your loved ones today. But make sure to place the order at least three weeks before. 

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