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Are you having problems with Facebook not responding? Facebook is by far one of the most popular networking sites, but like all networking sites it can have problems that make your page unusable. Facebook not opening in certain browsers or responding in other ways can be caused by many things.

You can fix the problem in just a few minutes by following these steps:

1. Close the Facebook Window

The first thing to try when Facebook is not working is to simply close the Facebook window. Maybe this will not fix this problem right away. If this does not work try the opposite steps. Go to Facebook and click on the Account button at the top of the page.

2. Create an Account

The second thing to try when the Facebook not responding problem happens is to go into the Facebook website. On the upper left corner of the screen, next to the logo you will see a Facebook logo. A new window will open when you click on it. If you have not made an account with Facebook you will see a blank or black page. To make a Facebook account you will need to click on the “Create Account” link.

3. Remove Adblocker

A third way to fix the problem is to remove any ad blocking software that you may have on your computer. Some of these programs will prevent Facebook from loading correctly. Remove these programs to see if the problem improves. You may also want to scan your computer for spyware or adware, which will make Facebook not respond even more.

4. Block the Cookies

You can also use the browser’s back button to go back to the main menu. This can solve minor Facebook not opening problems if you are not using a flash player or Javascript to play the videos. In the browser, click on Tools and then Internet Options. On the Privacy tab, click on the radio button that says blocking all cookies. This will prevent Facebook from gathering information about your browsing habits.

Other ways to Fix Facebook not Loading Problem

If none of those methods work, you may want to try an anti-virus program. You can get one at any computer store or through the Internet. It is important to have one of these installed before trying anything else. It should detect any viruses in your system and delete them.

Other programs exist that will scan your computer and look for any viruses. However, if those don’t work either, you may want to look into a software update. Open the Control Panel, then click on Programs, then Add/Remove icon. Under the type of software update, select the program that you think has created the problem.

If none of those methods work, the only other option is to call Facebook. If they are unable to assist you there is no need to wait on their behalf. If you speak to someone on the telephone, they can give you the information you need to find out how to fix Facebook not responding errors. This is also the last resort because sometimes Facebook will give you a reset code that you have to input on your Facebook account to resolve the problem. If you cannot enter this code yourself, then contact Facebook as soon as possible by phone or email. They can help you with the problem.

When you have determined that the problem with your Facebook account is with your browser, you will want to look for a Facebook repair tool or website. These programs will work to diagnose and fix errors in your browser. Sometimes the problem is just a temporary cookie or hijack in your browser that needs to be fixed. A Facebook repair tool will also detect virus, spyware and adware problems in your computer.

You may want to update your browser or download an update to the latest version. You can also rollback your browser to a previous date if the current update is not working. The latest browsers contain various fixes to address problems in Internet Explorer and Firefox.


If none of those methods are successful, then your next step is to contact Facebook support. They will provide you with a detailed plan for fixing the problem. They may suggest a temporary fix such as an adjustment in your privacy settings or some type of antivirus protection. If that does not work, they may suggest you download an updated version of Internet Explorer or Firefox and run the update. This should resolve your problem of how to fix Facebook not responding.

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