Gmail is one of the top used services of Google. You can send attachments through your Gmail. It is very easy to send attachments over the internet. While sending files, you might face a Gmail attachment issue

Solutions for Gmail attachments not showing

  • Update the browser: You can update the browser if you are facing a Gmail attachment issue, then update the browser. This might solve your problem and if not, hit the next solution. 
  • Use a different browser: Opening Gmail on a different browser might solve your problem. Use different browsers like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Then try again sending the attachment.

If your problem is solved by using a different browser, then switch to it only, and if not then hit the next solution. 

This is one of the most used solutions for Gmail attachments not showing.

  • Disable the extensions: You can try disabling the extensions. If you are using Google Chrome, you have to go to browser settings and click on more tools. Select the extension option and disable all extensions.

If this solution helps you, then it is fine. Otherwise, move to the next solution.

  • If you can’t open attachments on iPhone because the attached file is an incompatible format or unsupported file, no similar app on the iPhone can open the attached file, the attached file is broken or corrupted, or the file is too large, and available storage is low. 

You can try the above-mentioned solutions if you can’t open attachments on your iPhone.

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