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Google Reviews vs. Facebook Reviews Widget – Which Is Most Suitable For WordPress?

Online shopping and eCommerce have made purchasing easy for the customers, and at the same time, it has appeared as a blessing for brands. With eCommerce, businesses now can deliver to more customers and boost their reach beyond local & geographical boundaries. As having an online presence is a must, businesses are looking for the best website building platform, and this is where WordPress comes in. WordPress is amongst the most popular and easy-to-use website-building platforms that help users to have their online presence.

Talking about customers, with eCommerce, customers now have the leisure of shopping for the products they want in the comfort of their homes. But as they are spoilt for choice, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to pick an appropriate brand. And hence they have review platforms for the rescue.

Review platforms provide them with the needed information and knowledge about a product or a brand. On the one hand, Google review stands as the most trusted review platform, as a study shows that 59% of consumers use to read reviews before making a purchase. Facebook reviews, on the other hand, have amazing popularity. And that is because Facebook stands as the platform with the most number of users. Therefore, brands have started using them on their website.

There is a constant tussle where some brands prefer to showcase reviews using the Google review widget, while others use the Facebook review widget. And to help them add these reviews on the website, there are ample Google review widget WordPress plugins and Facebook review widget WordPress plugins helping in the cause.

If you are in a dilemma on what to choose for your WordPress website, then this blog might be helpful for you. In this blog, you will find what Google reviews and Facebook reviews bring to your website and which ones have the edge over the other.

Google Reviews Widget on WordPress

As mentioned above, Google reviews stand as the most trusted review platform; people worldwide consult on Google reviews before making a purchase decision. So if you embed the Google reviews widget on the WordPress website, you get the following benefits:

  • Makes the website more engaging – Goes without saying, Google reviews have the potential to hold readers and customers for long and keep them engaged. So when you add these Google reviews to the website, visitors tend to read your reviews to make their decisions.
  • Adds a charm to the website – People are very creative while writing reviews; they provide great insight and showcase user perspective for a product. This adds charm to the website and makes it stand out from the crowd.
  • Builds a review cycle – When people read the reviews of other customers on the brand website, it encourages them to write reviews and enjoy their limelight. This helps build a review cycle and eventually assists in gathering more reviews.

Alongside these major benefits, it has the following benefits as well

  • Hooks visitors on the website
  • Increases the conversion rate
  • Assists in building credibility for the business and website

So, if you opt to embed Google reviews on the WordPress website, these are the major plugins that provide you with a Google review widget.

  • Google Reviews Plugin by Tagembed
  • Widget for Google reviews
  • WP Google review slider 

Facebook Reviews Widget on WordPress

On one side Google reviews are the most trusted review platform, and on the other hand, we have Facebook reviews, which are backed by social media with the most number of users – Facebook. So if you choose to embed the Facebook reviews widget on the WordPress website, then you have the following benefits.

  • Brings liveliness to the website – Facebook users often write their reviews and upload images or visual-based content. Adding them to the website, it brings liveliness to the site and makes it pleasing to the eye.
  • Promotes the Facebook page – Having a robust social media presence is a must for the brands; with the Facebook feed on the website providing a sneak peek into your Facebook presence, and visitors have the opportunity to follow your page, it enhances the chances of building a strong Facebook presence.
  • Builds credibility – As more people post more reviews, it helps build credibility for the business and hence helps the business stand out from the crowd.

Following WordPress plugins helps you to embed the Facebook review widget on WordPress

  • Facebook Reviews Plugin by Tagembed
  • Widget for Social Reviews & Recommendations
  • Social Reviews & Recommendations by Trustreviews

Why Should You Use The Reviews Plugin For WordPress?

So now know some of the best plugins available on the WordPress plugin store that allows you to embed consumer reviews on the website. But now you must be wondering why you need to use the best reviews plugin for the WordPress website, right? 

You might be considering using the screenshot for the same, as it solves the purpose. But we still recommend you use review plugins for WordPress because the plugin provides various benefits that give it advantages over screenshots. Some of the major benefits are:

Freedom to customize the widget: the plugins mentioned above provide you with the customization feature that allows you to personalize the widget as per your requirements. That means you can change the font size, font style, widget color, and more to make your website and widget more pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, with screenshots, you don’t have that feature; you have to work with the same font size, style, etc, as of the review.

Different layouts and themes: Presentation is critical, and this is where plugins have the edge over screenshots. Plugins provide various layout and theme options that help make your website more appealing. Layouts help make your website look more organized and create a good impression on your visitors. Moreover, it grabs the attention of people visiting your website. Hence they can read the reviews and make their decision.

Auto-update: Another constant trouble with screenshots is that you have to take screenshots and upload them on the website every time you want to display a new review. With the plugins mentioned above, you can eliminate this process as these plugins provide auto-update. That means as soon as the review uploads on the source – the plugin will display them on the website without any hassle. There is no need to go through the process all over again, the plugin manages everything.

These are some of the major benefits that give consumer reviews for plugins and an edge over screenshots. Also, these plugins are easy to use and have a coding-free embedding process. Saving your time by repeating the whole process of capturing screenshots and uploading them on a website, and at the same time saving any human resources to get involved in this process.

In Conclusion

As you have noted, significantly fewer points separate Google reviews and Facebook reviews. Of course, each has its own benefits and helps businesses to grow. But according to us, Google reviews have a slight advantage over Facebook reviews. Simply because Google reviews have more credibility and more people tend to trust reviews posted on them. 

The plugins mentioned above are the best available on the WordPress plugin store, helping in smoothly embed consumer reviews on the WordPress website. So what are you waiting for?

Find these plugins now, add reviews to the website, and take your brand to new heights.

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