hari ram kumar

The repertoire of skills that Mr. Hari Ram Kumar has

Mr. Hari Ram Kumar is one of the stalwarts in the field of sales management and policies. He is a person to look forward to, if you want to learn innovations in sales, and move business forwards. He has an enviable skill set, as explained in a nutshell in following points.

Account Management

He is dexterous in leading big teams to manage accounts of big corporate bodies – public and private. He uses latest concepts to solve all kinds of accounting problems, improving the position of the concerned company in a competitive environment.

Market Research

The extensive market research skills of Mr. Hari Ram Kumar take into consideration the different dynamics of demand and sales, and also promotional perspectives. The business scope and potential of a company are determined by him, based on market research data and deep analysis, with fully detailed reports.

Business Development

A company can never grow without a well-defined business development plan in place. This is where the skills of Mr. Ram come into play. He technically sets the roadmap for developing business, with a clear strategy segregated in different phases. There are lots of technical innovations involved.

Competitive Analysis

You have to know your competitors in order to excel in the market. Without understanding how your rivals are operating, it is not possible to move your business ahead. The competitive analysis skills of Mr. Hari Ram Kumar play an instrumental role in helping you improve policies, in order to move ahead of your competitors, increasing profit margins consistently.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Analysis is not enough to strengthen business. You also need to focus on competitive intelligence. Mr. Ram is an expert in implementing the most suitable and creative competitive intelligence solutions in your business framework, giving you amazing results without wastage of any resources.


Everything boils down to sales. Without sales, there would be no revenues and no profits. Mr. Ram is a veteran in this field. He has helped several clients in meeting their sales targets. Also, he regularly evolves his sales strategies and brings in lots of innovations.


He is also equipped with world-class quantitative skills, in forms of expertise in analytics. He visualizes a problem on the basis of extensive data, when required. He uses modern tools and technologies to understand the nature of the business problem and solves it proficiently, reducing costs for the company quite convincingly.

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