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The global pandemic has taken its toll on the economy. As a result, the job market has become full of uncertainties and challenges. Though there are companies that are struggling to survive or on the verge of crumble there are some who have managed to remain stable or even are seeing growth. When others are slashing headcount, they are sticking to their hiring plans or even stepping up recruitment. What difference did they make? They managed to capitalize on post pandemic opportunities to find themselves in a good position and keep hold of their talent and draw people when the entire situation stabilizes.

In the past few months, we have witnessed a dramatic change in work cultures in large as well as small organisations. COVID-19 has been a catalyst to reinvent new technologies that are going to necessitate new roles and also redefine the future of work for managers who take the opportunity to make things better than they were. The structural, as well as operational transformations across industries, has impacted recruitment directly and companies must rethink about staffing strategies to make these transformations fast and effective. There are top IT staffing agencies in Michigan that are already innovating customized approach by understanding particular business requirements.

Here are a few changes and transformations in the recruitment process and workplace being accelerated post-Covid19:

  1. Virtual hiring and onboarding:

With the emergence of the pandemic, we rapidly shifted our workstation to home. As ‘working from home’ became the new normal, from digitizing the connection between the firm and customer we managed to digitize the relationship between employer and employee as well. Modern-age IT staffing agencies are helping organisations in finding the right candidates in a cost-effective way with the help of AI and SaaS-based staffing solutions. Right from job requirement posting to onboarding of the selected candidates are happening through video conferencing and the whole hiring process is gaining a digital-edge.

  • Virtual training:

Post Covid-19, companies will look for employees who have a learning mindset and good communication skill and are more adaptable and technologically more proficient. This can help them to be prepared to deal with a constant, sometimes abruptly changing environment. Businesses will now switch to e-learning programmes for equipping the employees with desired skills. With the increase of remote work, there will be an increased need for technical skills and self-motivation. Rapid reskilling and upskilling will give them an upper hand to stay ahead in the competition.

  • Project-based hiring:

Many organizations are pausing their recruitment activities until they could figure out the overall impact of their existing employees. Businesses are waiting for the market situation to improve so that they can start making decent profits to afford full-time staff. In this situation, many small and large companies would prefer to hire talent on the project or contract basis. This trend will lead to enormous opportunities for freelancers, especially in the service sector. Another thing, Covid19 changed in the recruitment process is opening up a global talent pool in ways that haven’t been fully explored. Work from home being the new normal, companies are realizing that some aspects of their work can be done effectively in a remote setting. So, they are finding potential ways to access talent across the globe.

  • Changing leadership roles:

We are talking a lot about industries and economies being greatly impacted by the pandemic but perhaps, human beings are the most affected by it. The sudden work from home schedule has disrupted the daily routine for many with added fear for job loss. At this time, corporate culture and leadership skills must focus on empathy. As we all face uncertainty, it’s very necessary to be supportive of one another. A culture of mutual trust, transparency and openness must be nurtured within the organization to build more adaptive teams and work as a community.

The future ahead:

Though companies are facing a lot of challenges due to this sudden transformation, the pandemic also gave them opportunities to change their way of working. With innovative interactive tools and technologies, companies are trying to create engaging candidate experience and monitor their productivity. Though it was not easy at the beginning to shift into remote working without knowing for how long, it is remarkable to look at the ways how work and recruitment practices have changed in the past few months and what experience they gathered along the way. The wisdom will help companies to future proof their strategies.

Summary: Covid19 has pressed a major reset button in terms of work trends, employee planning and management. Best IT staffing agencies in Michigan can help you attract and retain the best talents in this changing time.

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