How Data Labeling Process and Annotation Service Works at Cogito?

How data labeling process works? Cogito describe here the right data labeling process followed at its data annotation service centers. This page describes how Cogito carryout the data labeling projects to annotate and make it usable for machine learning development. The whole process is defined in eight steps, from acquiring projects to discussion with manager and then how labeled and delivered to client.

Data Labeling Process at Cogito

Cogito follows the most feasible solution to complete the data annotation process to give the best results. The projects is initially discussed with project managers, with defend goals and guidelines. And after development and testing with sample of annotated data the project is developed full-fledge at high speed for quick productivity and achieve the data labeling targets timely.

Cogito has define here how data labeling process take place and moves from one stage to another stage with quality check and accuracy assurance making the each project delivered with the best results. The entire data labeling process is suitable for all types of machine learning and AI projects needs such high-quality training data and develop a successful model for different fields.

data labeling process

Data Labeling at Cogito Complied with Data Security Standards

While labeling the data, Cogito follows all the data security standards to ensure the quality and privacy of the data. It is following the GDPR, CCPA and SOC2 Type 1 standards to provide the world-class data labeling process in a highly secured and encrypted environment delivering the clients a quality while ensuring they can develop a feasible AI solution without any data security breach or privacy risk.


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