How Do You Pronounce Pepega?

In case you’re wondering about what is Pepega? Then, let us tell you that, ‘Pepega’ is a popular reaction meme for representing a person’s response or expression to ‘Stupidity’ in the online streaming world and you can pronounce ‘Pepega’ as “Peh-Pey-Guh.”

Derived from the character ‘Pepe’ – a human-like green frog cartoon character that came in origin in a 2005 comic book called ‘Boy’s Club’ by ‘Matt Furie.’

‘Pepega Meme’ got overnight fame after the very first usage of ‘Pepega’ that came in April 2018, in a discord conversation. In the online world, the majority of people love using ‘Pepega Meme’ for referring to someone who is a ‘Retard’ or something that looks ‘Stupid or Foolish.’

To your surprise, there’s a diverse range of Pepe—the Frog emojis available on the internet that act as your savior in a different sets of circumstances. These are as follows:

  • A Happy Pepe for expressing the pleased expression of an individual.
  • An Angry Pepe for expressing feelings of rage or frustration.
  • A Smug Pepe for expressing in a situation where something sinister or malicious occurs.
  • A Sad Pepe for expressing sadness or disappointment.

Along with these, you’ll get the various extended versions of the original emote such as—

  • Pepega Megaphone— in the meme image, Pepega is depicted with a megaphone for screaming “FOR-SAN” that refers to someone who is a ‘retard.’
  • Pepega Hands— it is another extended version of Pepega where the Pepega image is added either with other Pepe emotes or with other characters’ hands.
  • Papega GIFs— a bitmap or moving image of the original Pepega emote in which Pepe—the Frog changes its position from left to right in a static way without changing the facial expression.

That’s all! We’ve possibly mentioned almost everything about the viral and very popular Twitch emote – ‘Pepega.’

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