How to choose a logo color

A logo is a trademark that represents a particular brand or a particular manufacturer. It is a business card of the brand and allows the potential consumer to get to know the product or service offered. The logo should be as informative as possible and evoke positive emotions in consumers.

Meaning of colors

The perception of potential customers depends directly on the choice of color scheme. Not only one color can be used for the logo design, but also combinations. Each color has its own psychological impact.

If we analyze the logos of the world’s most famous brands, we can highlight the leading colors. Most companies use blue for logo design. This is followed by black and purple.

The meaning of colors

– Blue color.

symbolizes courage, reliability, trust, honesty, and responsibility.

– Black.

Presentation, elegance, style, austerity. Is very dark and heavy. Most companies using this color dilute it with white.

– Red.

Aggressiveness, impulsiveness, passion, impulse. Red looks best on a white or black background. Red is the color of contrasts, the color of challenge. Pink shades of red are considered feminine colors, symbolizing tenderness.

– Yellow.

Positions playfulness, fun, creativity, creativity. This color should be used with caution. It is not recommended to use it alone. It requires a contour, a background, or a bordering tone.

– Orange.

cheerful, positive, outgoing, friendly, and open-minded people. It is often used to create a food logo. It is believed to be the color that awakens appetite and the desire to be nourished.

– Green.

Nature, plants, wealth, abundance, freshness. The soothing effect upon visual contact. Mostly used when creating logos for environmentally friendly food product lines.

– Purple.

Grandeur, pomposity, luxury, mystery, uniqueness. This color is considered elite, and in the recent past was the most expensive. Attracts children’s attention, so it is often used on the packaging of children’s toys or sweets.

How to choose a logo color

Understanding colors plays a key role in creating an effective, eye-catching logo.

To choose the best color scheme, you can choose Tribology’s logo generator. It will automatically select the best options based on the product or service being promoted.

To select the most effective color for the logo, it is worth considering some criteria.

Selection Criteria

1. Consider the character of the colors.

2. reflect the essence of the service or product.

The color scheme does not emphasize any product or industry. When choosing, it is better to stop on that color, which accurately reflects the product during the visual evaluation of the logo.

3. the design of the logo from competitors.

Familiarizing yourself with the logos of successful competitor firms will allow you to see the current model as an example.

4. Not to be limited by one color.

When choosing a combination of tones, it is worth considering their compatibility. The logo should not be overloaded and should be easily perceived and look impressive.

5. Consider the peculiarities of national perception.

If the brand is planned to be promoted in different countries, it is worth remembering that there are peculiarities in their perception of colors. For example, white in western countries is considered the color of purity and harmony. In Asian countries, it is associated with death.


In order not to make a mistake and not to scare away potential consumers, it is best to use Tribology. It is possible to use a color filter.

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