How to fold Wonderfold wagon w4

The Wonderfold wagon is an excellent choice for parents with stroller needs. However, although all strollers are tremendous and have features that parents will adore, the wonderfold wagon w4 reviews propel them to buy this specific one; a stroller wagon that can accommodate multiple kids at once and makes traveling for parents a breeze.

Furthermore, the Wonderfold stroller wagons come with many features, including an easy folding option, since folding and storing can be daunting for some parents. However, with this guide, they will surely see that it’s straightforward and will surely work for multiple toddlers. In addition, with a stroller wagon, the whole family gets to enjoy each other.

Folding a wonderfold wagon w4 premium step-by-step

Although the Wonderfold wagon w4, like other strollers of the brand, such as wonderfold wagon w2 or wonderfold wagon w1, may seem like a tough nut to crack, it’s pretty easy to do if you follow the proper steps. Even with a used wonderfold wagon, you can easily fold it because of all these collapsible wagon options.

Removing the sunshade of the stroller

The first step to folding your wonderfold stroller wagon w4 is to remove the shade. The sunshade is like a canopy that protects your little ones from the sun and it’s harmful rays. While folding, that has to be the number one thing to remove from the wagon.

Placing it in the handlebar

After you have successfully dismantled the canopy, you have to secure it with the handlebar safely. For that, you can slide it on the handlebar of the stroller wagon. Once you have successfully fitted it with the handlebar, you can move on to the next step. You can also place it in your trunk if you can’t manage to put it on the handlebar.

Getting rid of the snack tray

The next thing to remove is the snack tray that comes with the wonderfold wagons. You can remove the latch of the tray, and the tray snaps right off. You can place the tray safely in the trunk of your car to readjust it late on the stroller when you open it.

Releasing the hooks of the seats

To make the whole process a lot easier for you, you have to loosen the seats. For that, you have to release the hooks of the front seats. It can easily be removed, and you’re almost done folding your wagon stroller with this step.

Releasing the brakes

The next step may not be necessary but can help you roll the wonderfold wagon stroller w4 easily. For this step, you need to release the brakes of the stroller. Once again, it is not compulsory but just a recommendation. 

Pulling the folding buckle and pulling up the wagon simultaneously

This next step may look tricky, but it isn’t as hard as it sounds. For this, you need to pull on the folding latch of the stroller. But at the same time, you have to move the wagon upwards. This will quickly make the stroller collapse and become more compact. Again, it may require you to do slight multi-tasking, but it’s straightforward once you get the hang of it.

Bringing the tires together and placing the fold lock

After you have brought the upper portion of the stroller together, it’s time to join the lower part. To follow this step, you have to place one hand on the stroller for it not to open back up and join the stroller’s front and back tires. After that, all you have to do is quickly place the folding lock on the stroller. And you would have successfully folded your stroller wagon w4.

Lifting from the sides and placing in a vehicle

Now, these next two steps are just brief instructions on how to place the folded wagon in your car. For the wonderfold wagon w4 to perfectly fit in your vehicle, you would need a big car. A small car trunk may not be able to hold the folded stroller in it. Now, to place the wagon inside, all you have to do is lift the wagon from the slides and slightly support it from your waist and then put it inside the vehicle’s cargo spot.

Rolling into the vehicle

The last step is to perfectly roll the wonderfold stroller wagon folded inside the vehicle with the help of the tires attached to it. This can make your little task feel like a breeze at the end. Furthermore, many other options like the wonderfold wagon car seat adapter can make parents’ lives much easier.


The Wonderfold wagon w4 reviews are enough to showcase how great this stroller is, especially when a parent is tackling multiple toddlers at one. The folding aspect may have seemed hard, but parents can easily fold and place the wonderfold wagon w4 in their vehicle with this guide. 

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