Now in 2020, the best entertaining social network is Instagram; here you can do everything for the entertainment and also for your business. You always create and upload videos; if you like any video then you can easily download it with instadownloaderpro. But the main thing is that if you improve your video with the help of editing then it will definitely increase your followers. The best option for editing is premiere pro and in this article, we will tell you different things about this editor. 

Settings in Premiere to edit video for Instagram:

If you want to publish a new video on Instagram that you already published on YouTube or on your website. Either way, you need to edit your video first. To do this, in this case, you will create a new project.

Create a new sequence; choose the format of your video source. If you are creating your video from scratch and you are going to mount it now; instead of creating a new sequence by hand; you can drag your first clip to the timeline.

This will automatically create a sequence with the settings of the video clip you have dragged and you will skip the previous step.

Now add each clip to this sequence as normal, but remember: this is Instagram, don’t make it too long.

Edit only what you want to publish:

If the video was mounted and you don’t want to modify it but it is more than the 60 seconds. Drag the sequence of that video onto the timeline.

This will create a new sequence that you will see in green and that is linked to the sequence you edited.

All the changes that you made will not affect your original video so you can cut it without any damage

You just have to select the parts you want to show on Instagram by deleting what you are not interested in showing.

Export settings in Premiere:

Now comes the good thing: what parameters should you adjust to export video for Instagram, maintaining the highest quality.

In the timeline, go to the position where you want your video to start and press the “I” key; then go to the end position and press “O”.

This will mark to and from where you want to export. Remember up to 60 seconds in total.

Now, go to the menu File then Export and Media or if you want to do it faster, press Crtl + M if you work with Windows or Cmd + M if you do it on a Mac.

Here is a small tab of the settings that you have to consider when exporting your video to Instagram

How to upload your video from premiere pro to Instagram?

With the help of using Airdrop on the Apple Mac computer, you can send your edited video into your iPhone. This thing will save your edited video into your phone camera roll and from here you can upload your edited video into your Instagram

If you are using PC and have any Google Pixel or Android then you have to upload your video to a google drive folder and from here you can download your video to your phone and upload it on Instagram.

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