Under mattress wedge for acid reflux

How to Maintain Your Under Mattress Wedge for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can be a bad thing. It prevents your night’s sleep, and you get the reflux sensation whenever you lie down. The best way to counter this syndrome is to use bed wedges or edge pillows. The pillows are placed on the bed. Some people often do not prefer using an extra pillow. For these people, under bed mattresses are the best. You can get out these mattresses under your regular cushions. 

For the Acid reflux, regular mattresses do not work, You need a particular mattress or under mattress wedge for acid reflux.  So, what are these things? Well, the under-mattress wedges are select mattresses with an inclined surface. You can place them under your mattress, and they create an elevated platform. The elevated platform prevents the acid from traveling towards your no mouth and keeps the reflux under control. 

The wedge mattresses are often expensive and necessary for any patient suffering from acid reflux. They also need proper maintenance. Otherwise, the mattresses may lose their effectiveness. Here are some tips that you can use to maintain your unique mattress-

  •  Use mattress protector

Yes, they might be simple under mattresses, but they also need protection from bed flies, molds, dust, and dirt. Hence, you need to use a mattress cover to cover these wedges, Some under-mattress wedges come with mattress cover, and some don’t. If your mattress does not have one, make sure to buy a separate mattress protector. It is better to use a waterproof protector that can offer total protection against spillage, dust, dits, debris, etc.  The protector will keep the wedge secure and will provide you with better comfort.

  •  Use them only when you need them.  

The best way to maintain your under mattress wedge for acid reflux  is to use them when you sleep. The wedges can lose their shape if you keep them under the bed all the time. The constant pressure can make them lose their fluffiness and firmness.

  •  Rotate the mattress regularly.

 It is a wedge mattress, but the rotation trick always works. Any mattress gets benefitted by occasional rotation. The seller might not tell you, but make sure to rotate the bed occasionally.

  •  Prevent anyone from jumping on your bed

If you are using an under-mattress wedge, you need to be very careful about it. Prevent anyone, especially children, from jumping on your bed. Jumping causes damage to the under wedges. It is because they do not come with strings.

  •  Follow the manual for cleaning the wedges

Your bed wedge inevitably comes with a manual. Please read it once and note down important points. You should refer to the instruction guidebook for the cleaning procedure. Bed wedges need special care, and they often come with special cleaning and stain removal directions from the manufacturers. You need to follow only the stated instruction to keep the procedure proper.

  •  Keep them in sunlight for once I a while

 The wedge mattresses are like regular mattresses. Hence, keeping them under sunlight is a good idea. The sunlight allows the mattress to get dry. It prevents mold build-up, bed bugs, humidity, etc. 

  •  Stoe them properly

 The under-mattress wedges also need proper storage. You need to store them in a cool and dry place. It will prevent any damage. Additionally, make sure the wedges have enough space in the storage. Pelaewit makes sure to avoid storing anything on the bed wedge mattress to maintain their shape.

Here is the complete maintenance guide for your bed wedge under the mattress. If you maintain the mattresses with care and proper methods, they will stay in decent shape for a long time.

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