Counter boxes and Pre roll display boxes

When was the last time you have tried to improve your counter display packaging? We are not talking about changing the design or inside the product. As a retail brand, you must know to check out points is a critical part of the sale. Customers have the habit of check out products displayed at counters while paying their bills and with the right approach, you can cash this opportunity. Counter Display Boxes can help brands to drive sales, increase your visibility, and leaves a lasting impression on customers. There is no doubt that well-designed counter display packaging always attracts customers and result in more sales.

The unique style and shape of the boxes add visual appeal to the product. If you don’t know what you can do to make your Display Boxes more attractive, let’s have a look at ways in which you can improve counter display packaging.

Encourage customers for impulse purchase

The basic purpose of display boxes is to achieve the goal of an impulse purchase. As a brand, you should choose countertops to display your products which are getting low sales. People usually buy these products on their way out of the stores. About 80% of the customers make the purchase decision while paying at the counters. So you should not miss this opportunity and design your display boxes to encourage customers for the purchase. Use counter display packaging uniquely and attractively to make it hard for customers to leave the store without checking out your product.

Make your boxes a work of art

Your counter display packaging should make a statement on the checkout points then it will be hard for customers to ignore your product. Not only the box material should be of high-quality but the design should also be lit and well-designed. Sometimes a simple design will work you or sometimes you have to go with bold and vibrant. No matter what design you choose, make sure that it goes with your product and brand. Good design attracts the customer’s attention and also enhances the overall appeal of the product.

Add something about you | counter display boxes

Use your counter display box to show off your brand personality or the inspiring story behind your success. Different design elements will appeal to customers but it is also crucial to have something about you and your brand. Logo and brand name should be the highlight of your packaging box. It will tell customers which brand is behind this amazing product and packaging design.

A brand logo can be your unique identity in the stores and also helps you to stand out. Simple design with a logo is an inspiration idea which many big brands are following.

Keep modifying your display packaging

You need to make sure that the packaging design of your counter displays should not be the same all year. Give your boxes a fresh look by incorporating different seasonal items into the design. There are several festive seasons in a year and you should keep on modifying the display boxes to match the festivities. Whether it is a Christmas season or people are celebrating the scary Halloween season, the design should match the holiday theme. If you are thinking about the cost, give a try to custom display boxes wholesale.

Add some inspiring messages to convey

Displaying some inspiring messages on the top head of the counter boxes is another cool idea to attract more and more customers. It will spread some good and positive vibes to customers when they are tried doing shopping. A small and cute message will make customers smile, and you will also earn customer appreciation. If you don’t want to print the message on the boxes you can include some handwritten notes with different greetings. It will encourage customers to repeat purchases and can also make you famous on social media.

Ask customers for social shares

Social media is becoming an important part of the retail packaging and marketing. It is our advice to encourage your customers to share the images of the product and the boxes on their social media handles. You can ask customers by printing the address of social media hands and should also provide your brand hash tag to make it a trend. It will make customers connect with your brand not only in person but also on social media. It ultimately helps you to reach more audience and get more followers of your brand.

Don’t forget about sustainability

Sustainable packaging is getting more and more important in the retail industry. Whether it is big cardboard cartons or small pre roll counter display boxes, customers want the packaging to be Eco-friendly. Try to use less packaging material and produce less waste during the production process. Try to use material which leaves zero carbon footprints on the environment.

When it comes to counter display packaging, cardboard is the perfect packaging material. It is durable and increases the life of your boxes. You can choose other packaging materials such as corrugated, paperboard, and Kraft.

We hope the above ideas will inspire you to make your counter displays and Pre Roll Counter Display Boxes more unique and eye-catching. You don’t need to try all the above ideas all at once, go one by one and see how things will work for you. You can also use your creativity and ideas to get the best out of your display packaging.

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