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How to Remove a Saved Screen Name form an AOL Mail Login Page

by tomsmith9456
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AOL provides a free webmail service, used by millions of people. Some use it for office work; some use it for their college work. You know AOL Sign In can be performed by the AOL App also that you can install in your system or browser. But it can be directly accessed through the browser also by visiting its official website. This is inbuilt features in all types of browsers so that users can save their time. But, most people save their time. They used to save their credentials. Who is using AOL Mail Login daily they have a habit to save their account details so that there’s no need to enter it again and again. But if some other person login their account their details also save automatically in the browser so if you don’t know how to remove it you can read this blog. This will help you to delete it from your search engine.

Here are some easy steps you can use to remove the screen name

If you are using AOL regularly for email, messaging and browsing, and wish to remove AOL screen name you can do this by the following steps that are mentioned below.

  • Firstly you have to open your browser from which you want to remove the other saved accounts.
  • Open the AOL.com Mail Login, its official website or by using the bookmark you have.
  • To remove an AOL screen name, click on the first drop-down and select an unused screen name that you want to remove.
  • Uncheck the “Remember Me” box given right there. 
  • The screen name which you want to remove click at “Yes” and then click on “OK”.

This is how you can delete unwanted other AOL accounts from this page. If by mistake you delete your account then don’t get worried in this case you can add it again easily. If you remember whenever you perform AOL Mail Login by entering your mail id and password before opening the official dashboard there is a pop up came and ask you want to save these details or not. If only you click the remember me option then only you can save your AOL login details. So if you want to add your account again click in the remember me the option. And if you don’t then simply uncheck that box. Or you can also perform AOL Mail Sign In in the incognito tab then it will not save your credentials.

Remember one thing this will work only if you have multiple accounts. This means if you have only one screen name then you cannot apply these steps. You cannot remove the last screen name that you sign in this will work only if you have two or more than two accounts saved in your desktop. And this may differ for the other version. But the procedure is almost the same; there may be some little bit changes in the step. In case still, you don’t know how to do this and want to be concerned with the expert then you can take help from them. As they are experts in their field they will understand your issue and guide you according to that. You just need to place a call at their toll-free no and convey whatsoever issue you are facing regarding AOL.com Mail Login.

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