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It’s a ground reality when something gains popularity and beats the market competition, there is always cynicism all around which churn-out negativity amongst the people.

Many myths have turned out which discredits fame and functionality of RO water. But believe me these are the misconceptions and critics only. Let’s checkout these myths and go beyond this to address the facts.

Myth – healthy minerals are removed

We consume a sufficient amount of essential minerals from food while a little amount is supplied by water. For instance a single glass of juice can provide enough minerals as compared to drinking 30 gallons of water.

 During reverse osmosis process impurities and hazardous chemicals are filtered out from water leaving it safe for a healthy lifestyle. So a minute amount of mineral loss during the process doesn’t matter. What matters is it will be free from poisonous impurities which may lead to severe ailments.So be confident to choose the RO filtered tap water!

Myth – RO water is unhealthy

99% impurities are eliminated during the RO process. Many people claim that it not only removes the chemicals and other minute impurities but also removes beneficial elements making water unnatural, mineral free and unhealthy. Did you notice that the bottled water that you consume is purified using the same process-RO filtration method.

Myth – Reverse Osmosis drains out  Minerals from Your Body

Many people claim that RO water eliminates essential minerals from the body. In fact it actually filters the minerals within the body. So The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) rejects the myth and approved RO water doesn’t have any harmful effects.


Pollution ridden environments continue to deteriorate the natural resources of water. A large amount of contaminants are identified in your tap water which may lead to severe health related issues.

RKIN (formerly Puricom ) has a wide inventory of RO water filters which provide consumers with water free from pathogenic microorganisms and  improves the quality and taste of your tap water. You can get some extra discounts on purchasing using Puricom Coupon Codes and attain peace of mind, well-being and improve  quality of life.

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