How to Use IGTV to Boost Your eCommerce Business?

What is IGTV?

IG TV can be used as a stand-alone application or on IG itself. Regular Instagram recordings don’t allow for more than 1 minute of video, but IGTV breaks that barrier.

Each user can define their own IGTV channel and share content upto 10 minutes in video format. Verified Instagram users or uploads from the desktop, posted videos can up to 1 hour of duration.

There is an Instagram TV icon at the top of the Insta application for those who want to connect to it on Instagram, but its removed now.

The IGTV videos of the people you see will continue to appear in your regular IG stream, and you can see IGTV videos from the accounts you watch on the channel.

So, to make it easier, Instagram has decided to remove the icons. Those who want to access the full Insta TV can access via a separate program.

IGTV Versus YouTube

Although YouTube is in the video market for a long time, Instagram TV offers some users and highlights several advantages over the YouTube:

• No Ads – IGTV has no ads at the moment. Your ads don’t bother viewers and they can view your videos without losing their interest, which is not the case here on YouTube.

• Optimized for Mobile users: Youtube was launched in the age of laptops, so your videos have always been horizontal. After the revolution of the smartphones, YouTube continued to make horizontal videos format, and users are needed to tilt the phones to view them in full screen. Instagram TV is specially designed for mobiles phones with vertical format that don’t need to be rotated horizontally. Is it optimized for viewing on the phone, it is also designed to allow users to easily upload videos to their phone.

Both social media apps will continue to compete, but Instagram’s “integrated” audience has more than a billion users. As soon as a user launches their channel via Instagram TV, their followers got linked to it.

IGTV and e-commerce

Ecommerce largely depends on digital marketing and the growth and popularity of Insta for several reasons. In addition to being just a social platform, IG TV offers more ways to reach new people through SEO and IG tags.

IG TV uses these resources to further promote email. Marketing. If a brand already uses IG and IG Stories, it’s time to update and make the most of IG TV.

You have a regular audience watching stories up to 15 seconds and videos up to 1 minute. Give them something extra via IG TV. Since Instagram TV videos are directed directly to your followers’ channels, like regular Instagram videos, there is no further effort to watch.

After a while, they can choose whether to see the rest of IG TV. Make sure your video is attractive enough for them to watch and follow the rest.

IGTV allows you use scrolling, it acts as a call to target the audience to different parties. The advantage of IGTV is that it requires a vertical video format, that means you can record videos on your smartphone. It is a quite simple process.

Instagram TV’s goal is to make interpersonal video content to connect with the audience.

Another update offered by IG TV Instagram are clickable links. IG doesn’t allow the posting of link that are clickable in the caption. If you aim to target the audience to a particular link, you need to add a link to the bio and indicate in the title that the link to the relevant page is in the bio.

Now, if the audience is really interested, you can go to the bio and click it, but the chances are rare. With IG TV, you can insert links to a caption where your audience can tap and go directly to your target.

Types of IGTV content

You can make IG TV channel content in several ways. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas mentioned below:

1. QnAs

You should get a lot of public questions about a brand or company or certain products or get simple instructions. Use IGTV to detailed answer to the questions. Pay more heed to your customers’ concerns, and your good relationship with them will be.

2. Educate

No matter what is the niche of your industry or brand, try to teach the audience one or two skills. For example, your email is about selling exercise products, creating an exercise routine and training at home.

In the same way if your email. A brand that wants to sell professional music intruments can give the audience tips on how to combine sounds. Anything that may be beneficial to the public can help to increase brand value.

3. Behind The Scenes

BTS allows the audience to actually see your brand content. If a particular photo or video of you worked very well on IG, you can use the material from that scene to create an interesting behind the scenes video.

As users liked the end result, they also wanted to check how it developed internally. However, you are not used to posting BTS for all posts, especially when they do not look professional.

4. Vlogs

A best forms of IG TV content format is vlogs. IG only allows 1 minute of video, and you can’t do much. However, with IGTV, you can build personal relationships with the audience using longer videos and posting vlogs directly to them.

5. Erori

For example, if you went on a photo day, it involved many interesting moments b/w you and the team. Don’t miss all your movies. Use some cool and interesting sections to create a video.

Mistakes help to end the monotony of the channel. Since audiences are used to watch the serious, brand-oriented videos on IG TV, a fun and interactive video can sometimes communicate better with users.

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