Importance of Pradosham Fasting

Pradosham is a period that is considered significant enough that it has the power to dissolve our karmas and helps us gain good results. In this materialistic world, when everyone is behind the pleasures, we have lost the values of spiritual activities. However, if we indulge ourselves in Pradosham like holy periods, it improves us, humans, as better beings that we earn good Karma and cultivate its fruit later in life.

Pradosham is one and a half hours before the sunset, and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thus anyone who observes fast on this day worships Lord Shiva and breaks the fast another morning receives the grace of Shiva, who is a provider of long life without ailments. He has the power to dissolve even chronic diseases because no power is superior to Shiva’s. These ailments are the results of our bad karmas and deeds that, when coming in contact with Shiva, lose all their authority, and leave your body.

Plus, Pradosham is highly beneficial for those who want to have a joyful married life. Couples who are looking for an improved marital status or seeking childbirth get blessed by Shiva. With his sanctification, a person can get a true and devoted life partner who is beautiful in every aspect.

It is said that Prodosham began the very day when Shiva swallowed the poison separating it from the nectar of immortality. Fainted, Shiva got his senses back during the twilight right before one and a half hours when the Sun was about to set. Thus this holy period was named Pradosham, and since then, devotees observe the day being grateful to Shiva for his eternal compassion.

People worship both Shiva and his beloved Parvati since Parvati is the “Ardhangini” half part of Shiva and the pray is always incomplete without remembering both of these divines together. So when you worship Shiva, reminisce Parvati too. The Goddess used her power to stop the poison in Shiva’s throat; else, it would have covered Shiva’s whole body. She brought Shiva back to life with her Pativrata “virtuous wife” powers.

On the day of Pradosham

To make the day most meaningful and fruitful, devotees believe in observing the fast. Fasting not just dedicates our mind toward Shiva but also cleanses our body when we abstain from consuming food for hours.

Doing this, we increase our consciousness toward God, and we become able to recite his names with more dedication.

Pradosham falls on different days in different months, such as on Monday, known as Soma Pradosham. Shani Pradosham if it falls on Saturday, and other two Pradoshams that fall on 13th Moon day in the Shukla paksha and Krishna paksha, also known as waxing and waning moon phases.

Three Different Pradoshams

Pradosham is the time that is one and a half hours before the sunset. There are three variations of Pradoshams; small level, middle level, and large level. The small Pradosham carries small energy, but that too helps to dissolve our karmas, even gradually.

Small Pradosham is the evening of every day when the Sun is about to set or the duration of twilight.

The middle level of Pradosham happens twice every month during the waxing and waning moon phases on the 13th day. This is a significant time that if we observe fast and worship Shiva, it strongly helps dissolve our karmas with Shiva’s power.

The large level of Pradosham is the one that falls on Saturday, also known as Shani Pradosham. Since Saturn is the carrier of Karma, which gives us life lessons to improve our souls, the day becomes more significant when Saturday arrives on Pradosham. Lord Shiva has more power on Saturn; worshiping Shiva on Shani Pradosham makes Saturn relieve us from karmic bonds more quickly.

To observe the fast, one can observe it for 24 hours without sleeping at night and breaking the fast the next morning. One can also keep it from Sunrise until Sunset by doing the Abhishekam at Shivling, reciting Shiva’s mantras and names, and worshiping Goddess Parvati. Pradosham that falls on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday are considered more significant and fruitful if one devotes himself to Shiva on these days.

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