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Social media has emerged as an essential part of life for people, businesses, and marketers. Social media has seen exponential growth in its popularity and has made a great impact on people’s life. 

One of the most important social media platforms that have emerged in the past few years is Instagram. Instagram has been a real game-changer in this digital world. Marketers are always on the lookout for making Instagram a part of their marketing strategy. Instagram widget fulfills that avoid as is it the best marketing tool in the market. 

Instagram has a huge user base that can influence social media marketing for any business. There are over 1.074 billion Instagram users worldwide. And according to research, 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business account on Instagram. And hence Instagram provides great opportunities for marketers and business owners to grow and establish their brand image. 

Instagram Widget is an amazing tool that links the business website and Instagram profile of the business, helping businesses grow and enhance their social media presence. 

If you have a website and you want to grow your business without spending much on advertising, then the Instagram widget is a one-stop solution for you.

Why Embed Instagram Widget on Website?

Instagram Widget is a revolutionary tool; it helps businesses to strengthen their social media presence economically and effectively.

An Instagram widget collects, curates, and customizes all the posts relevant to your business from Instagram and displays them on your website, making your website more interactive and engaging.

The regular feed about your business and product sparks interest in the customer’s mind. He looks forward to exploring more about your business and products that eventually help you increase your sales. 

By embedding an Instagram widget on your website, you can add charm to your website and make it appealing to your potential customers.

If you are still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why brands and marketers should use Instagram Widget on their website.

Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Instagram Widget On Website:

#1 Makes the website interactive and engaging

In this digital world, where the online presence of a business makes an impact, a business website plays a vital role in building an image on a customer’s mind. 

The Instagram widget helps businesses create a great first impression on the visitor by displaying the Instagram feeds. The feeds make the website more interactive and engaging as it increases the visual appeal of the website.

The regular feeds attract the customer’s attention and keep them engaged, as the widget provides a sneak into the Instagram chatter. 

#2 Creates a social proof

A rational customer always looks for social proof about the business and reads all the reviews before purchasing any product. The Instagram widget provides that social proof to the potential customers. 

As the past users often share their experience about the product or share the pictures with the product on social media, the widget collects that post and showcases the feed on a website. It allows visitors to get a brief knowledge of the business and their reviews without exiting the screen. 

Hence, the Instagram widget is a powerful tool that helps you win trust by providing social proof to potential customers. 

#3 Motivates to produce user-generated content

User-generated content refers to the content made by the past users or public about the business or product on social media. Users make this content for the businesses almost free of cost, showcasing their experience with the product.

By displaying the content on the website, brands promote user-generated content, as users feel more valued as they get to feature on the website. 

The users try to make more such content to get a regular feature on a brands’ website, establishing a relationship between the users and the businesses.

#4 Increase website traffic

The Instagram widget helps you to stay ahead in the competition as it adds uniqueness to the website. The Instagram widget regularly updates the feed keeping the customers engaged on the widget and sparks the interest in exploring more on the website. It eventually increases website traffic as more customers feel attracted to the website and try to explore more on the website. 

#5 Creates a link between the social media and website

The Instagram widget acts as a bridge between your social media platforms and website. As it displays the Instagram feed, the customer notices your social media presence. It eventually follows you on the social media platforms to get regular updates about your business and product. 


Instagram Widgets is an excellent tool that is readily available in the market. The widget not only makes your website vibrant but also helps you in strengthening your social media feeds. The widget increases brand awareness as it attracts more users to your website and to your social media handles. 

Hence, grab this opportunity to amplify your businesses by using an economic and effective tool and stand out from the crowd.

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