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Are you facing issues with KissAnime? Is KissAnime Down? Is KissAnime not working? What do you do?

For many, the KissAnime is not working and the solutions we have here. For those of you who do not know about KissAnime, it is a platform popular for having a large library for anime content free online. This site gets used by many people to stream and download anime. KissAnime is more famous than any other site streaming anime.

If you are a KissAnime user and lover, you will know how it has gotten completely blocked by the parliament of Japan because of some copyright arguments. Many people were disappointed and went looking for other ways to stream anime. I present seven KissAnime alternatives you can use in place of KissAnime.

KissAnime Alternatives

  1. GoGoAnime

Many KissAnime users have probably heard of this platform as it is another popular streaming site for anime. GoGoAnime got created in 2014 and has been up and running since then because of its social media presence, it has and always kept it updated.

Moreover, the developers of this site ensure to keep the site and themselves upgraded with the interest of people around them. As soon as you go on to the GoGoAnime landing page, you will see countless popular series they have, the completed and ongoing ones.

  • Anime Planet

AnimePlant has all new and old anime series. You can view many animes from various genres and categories. This site would be the best KissAnime site to use in place of it.

The menu page of AnimePlant has a variety of shows displaying on it, so users can choose a show to watch according to their desire. The site is free to use, and you will not have to register for it. You can start watching top-quality anime content anytime and anywhere.

  • AnimeLab

Users wanting to watch HD anime videos from Japan can use the AnimeLab website. The site is easy to navigate as the animes have gotten divided into categories and subcategories. You will have no problem looking for the anime you want.

This site also does not require you to register to use it. Furthermore, you can find new episodes as they update them every week, so you will not have to wait long to access them.

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  • KimCartoon

A fairly new alternative site to KissAnime is KimCartoon. It might be a new site, but it has gained notoriety quite quickly. It has gotten familiar that this site is the best platform for anyone looking for animated movies or series.

You can watch not only Japanese animated movies but also American cartoons and movies. You can use this site easily as Kim Cartoons has gotten arranged based on the animation genre.

  • AnimeFreak

A website like KissAnime is AnimeFreak. Both sites have a constant design they use for presenting their most recently added shows and movies. The shows have gotten placed in a well-organized way. However, you do have to register to use this site.

The whole registration process is straightforward. You can start watching shows as soon as you register yourself. You can also get many other features once you register, like follow your favorite series and get notified every time a new episode gets released.

  • Crunchyroll

A company based in the United States that streams anime, manga and is also a dorama distributer, production, publisher, and licensing company is Crunchyroll. Moreover, it is also a distribution channel and partnership programme. A team of Berkeley graduates from the University of California created and founded Crunchyroll. Right now, this platform offers content to more than 100 million registered global users.

Crunchyroll has gotten known in the world of anime, as many users use it to stream their favorite anime series. You will get high quality and wonders in language. Overall, users will have to subscribe, but it’s worth the features it offers.

  • F95 Zone

Imagine using a site where you can watch animated shows and also play games is F95Zone. This platform is a great place for gamers and developers. You can play adult games, have discussions, and other features on this site, and this is one of the reasons why this platform is gaining so much fame.

I do not encourage the use of this site, or I am not marketing it. This article is only for information and how it is a good KissAnime alternative.


You would have easily gotten an understanding of what is article is about simply by reading the article title- “KissAnime Down? Not Working? The Solutions We Have.”

As I mentioned before in this article, KissAnime is not working, so I provide alternatives for users. You should look further into the alternative sites and see which one you would prefer to use now that KissAnime is gone.

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