Laptop Vs Tablet PC Vs Smartphone-Which is the best for online gaming?

Online gaming is fun and it greatly helps in reducing stress, increasing vision, and lightening depression. Furthermore, it also helps in improving the capability to multi-task & improve decision-making skills. There are different kinds of online games and others are compatible with a particular platform. Furthermore, for you to enjoy online gaming, you need to have the best devices. Remember that this device has to have a minimum requirement specification for it to run smoothly.

Online gaming can be played on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, there is that device that is best for online gaming depending on some factors. Below is a comparison between laptop vs tablet pc vs smartphone.


This is the key factor when choosing an online gaming device. Laptops have higher performance because of it’s higher specifications. Moreover, due to improvements in technology, tablets and smartphones have also improved in their specifications. This improves its performance. Today you will find a smartphone with a RAM of up 12 GB and storage space of 500 GB and above. Furthermore, you can use an SD card and increase the storage space.

Display size

When it comes to displaying size, the laptop has a bigger size then followed by tablets and then smartphones. A bigger screen size will offer you a bigger image view. Thus, you won’t strain your eyes when playing. Moreover, when we consider screen resolution the smartphone offers a higher pixel density. This means that displayed pictures will be sharper & distinct pixels wouldn’t be visible.

Battery life

When it comes to online gaming battery life is another factor to check out. Normally gaming requires a lot of power so for you to continue enjoying gaming for long, the device needs to have longer battery life. Gaming Laptopshave a battery life of about 2 to 6 hours. In tablets, they normally have a battery life of 8 to 12 hours. A good smartphone will offer you a playtime of over 12 hours. Additionally, battery life normally decreases with time. Smartphones have better battery life because it’s components are small. They also use ARM-CPUs which are simpler & less power-hungry.


In terms of portability, smartphones are the best then followed by tablets and lastly laptops. The most smartphone has a pocket-friendly size hence you can easily carry it inside your pocket. Furthermore, they are also lightweight. Tablets are normally bigger than pockets although some come with a carry case. Laptops are bigger and a bit heavy compared to tablets and smartphones. However, one can easily carry a laptop using a backpack. All these devices come with a battery hence you can use them in places with no battery.


A connection is also a major factor to check when it comes to online gaming. Laptops normally come with all ports including USB-3.0, analog sound connectors, Ethernet, HDMI, and others. Furthermore, it also allows wireless connections through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other applications like share-it. However, compact laptops have no larger ports. Instead, it comes with smaller USB-C ports.

Tablets and smartphones also come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters. The latest smartphones and tablets are fitted with the latest Bluetooth & Wi-Fi adapter which ensures stable and reliable connections. Furthermore, a tablet and a smartphone come with either Micro USB or USB-C for wired connections. Many tablets and smartphones offer mobile-data connectivity.


Laptops depend majorly on an inbuilt physical keyboard & a touchpad. They are used for an input command. Furthermore, you can also connect it to external keyboards either wireless or wired. Moreover, other laptops have a touch screen. This will also allow input commands.

On the other hand, smartphones and tablets majorly depend on a touch screen for inputs. They also have a virtual keyboard for typing. Some of the tablets support external keyboards which makes it best for people who have a problem using virtual keyboards.


As seen laptops, tablets and smartphones are different devices in terms of performance, portability, display size, and others. Smartphones tend to be cheaper than followed by tablets and finally laptops. However, other higher-performing smartphones and tablets with higher specifications can be a bit expensive. Any of the devices are suitable for online gaming and your choice will largely depend on your needs.

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