Latest Instagram Reviews

Instagram is super cool photo sharing mobile app and you will be surprised after reading about some of the most followed Instagram accounts. So if you are looking for some tips & tricks to increase followers on Instagram, go on read more latest Instagram reviews and understand why some people have most of the followers on their Instagram profiles.

There is not a single doubt that Instagram is fastest growing social media platform with almost 400 millions of active users on it. According to latest Instagram reviews you should know, do these number of people have huge list of followers on Instagram? No, they don’t. Actually there are only few Instagram accounts with unique image posting strategy or may be they are celebrity and that is why they have millions of Instagram followers.

Want to get Instagram followers fast? Read and understand our Latest Instagram Reviews, because you need not to be a celeb to get huge list of followers on Instagram.

Top 10 most followed Instagram accounts 2017 with Latest Instagram Reviews

#10 @Nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj

Followers on Instagram: 46 M

She is known for her extreme hot Avatar and she posts some sort of funny/odd memes on her Instagram profile.  And her profile shows her unique personality. Yes, she is famous and that is not all behind her huge Instagram following, she post great deal of inspirational memes which are all eye catching & sharable.

#9  @kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner

Followers on Instagram: 47M

If you think Instagram is a tool then Kendall knows how to use it and she does it so well that she owns 47millons + Instagram followers list. No doubt, Instagram posting is part of her life and she models it well.

#8 @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner

Followers on Instagram: 49M

It is so amazing to see her posts and she is awesome at it, so if you want instant Instagram followers don’t just follow her, know her and once you know her, learn the way she does posting. Latest instagram reviews of her cool Avatar and beautiful looks have made her Instagram account a part of top 10 most followed Instagram accounts.

#7  Justin Bieber  @justinbieber

Followers on Instagram: 55M

You may find more followers on Instagram accounts of other people’s account but Justin has highest number of Instagram likes. Yes, its true and his good looks are being followed by almost 55 millions of people from the world. It is not just his voice but his super hot looks that makes him the part of this list.

#6  Ariana Grande @arianagrande

Followers on Instagram: 57M

She is beautiful and knows things, things that works well for her Instagram and the most lovely thing is that she engages with her fans post. She responds to her fans and often communicate with them through Instagram posts. She is adorable, isn’t she?

#5 Beyonce @beyonce

Followers on Instagram: 57M +

She is beautiful an that shows her on her Instagram posts. Her life is so simple like ours but her Following on the Instagram is beyond our reach, for the moment. But don’t worry there is not a magic in getting fast Instagram followers, and anyone can get it. First lets understand some most followed Instagram accounts and then we will work on ‘how to get followers on Instagram fast and free. Yes, free! you and some other people who are followed the most, don’t have to pay a dime for such a huge Instagram following. But time, of course, and if you spend time wisely then you would definitely get large number of followers on Instagram in 2017.

#4 Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian

Followers on Instagram: 58M

Kardashians are just popular because of whatever they are, they post pictures of posting a post. And they have their own app and it is their part of life to post many pictures daily. So, if we talk about content, they provide so much to their fans to like and share. Content is the king in 2017 and may be Kardashians know this, or it may be in their blood to be famous.

#3 Selena Gomez @selenagomez

Followers on Instagram: 62M

She is beautiful and a girl who knows herself well. Her lessons to her fans is ‘look good and enjoy what you do being whatever you are.’ So her fans on Instagram loves her, yes because of her awesome voice, oops not just for her voice but for everything she is and she has most of the positive latest-instagram-reviews .

#2 Taylor Swift @taylorswift

Followers on Instagram: 64M

Your personality is most likely same as the people you spend your time with and Taylor post pictures with her fellow celebrities. She has a huge fan following but along with this her celeb friends are good in number, no we don’t say that it seems in her Instagram posts.

#1 Instagram @instagram

Ha Ha Ha

isn’t it interesting that Instagram is popular on its own platform?

People loves this app so much and that seems here- Followers on Instagram: 134M

Understood? why these people whether they are celeb or not, have huge following on Instagram. No? it is okay, we are going to share some of the best methods so you can increase the followers on Instagram fast & free in 2017.

Tricks to Get Followers on Instagram 2017 | latest instagram reviews

Yes, now you may have understood that you need not to be a celeb to gain followers on Instagram 2017, but there are some tricks that you can follow and see some positive results.

  • Use of Hashtags
  • Time to Post
  • Catchy & detailed Content
  • Follow others & be Responsive
  • Be Youself
  • Understand your followers
  • Quality Post

And if you are consistent in following these tricks then who knows? that you may become the part of top #10 Instagram accounts with most followers and Instagram Likes. All the Best!

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