Latest Youtube Reviews

Latest  Reviews on Youtube

Youtube Red has been talk of the town recently in 2016, Youtube launched Youtube Red back in the October 2015 and this update made youtube a little better and free from paid ads, Videos can be taken offline, play in the background and the users are loving it even more.  There are some interesting features of Youtube Red that can give you latest technical Reviews about how to use youtube red in a better way.

  • You can avoid Ads on the videos in Youtube Red and anyone can enjoy their favorite character without Delay.
  • Offline Mode has become a part of Youtube and you can simply make any of your video offline and can watch it later on.
  • Now Music on Youtube can be played in the background also so you can enjoy music while surfing other things as well.

Latest Reviews from the users itself tell us about cool features of Youtube Kids app and a simply paid membership of youtube. Therefore you sweet kids can enjoy uninterrupted games, cartoons and their favorite characters as well. You can find more reviews about technical changes of youtube in our recent blog posts.

And most importantly this awesome service is only available in Australia, New Zealand, United States and Mexico. And since it is a paid streaming service so the users can enjoy their favorite video without Ads.

Now this VR App is being created by the Youtube and might be the biggest thing in the whole virtual world. Basically this is to provide users an easier way to experience the content of virtual world of youtube. And more users would get everything on its app plus you can thank to 360-degree or 3-D videos which can be seen on this wonderful youtube platform.