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Lend A Helping Hand To People By Delivering Groceries And Essential Items In The Pandemic Season

The worldwide topic that is daily on the news, social media platforms, and anywhere you turn around is the Coronavirus pandemic. It is a deadly outbreak that has infected lakhs of people in every country. People are finding it difficult to cope with the situation. Buying groceries and other essential needs have become life-threatening at present. Also, there are several restrictions imposed as a part of the lockdown. So, people are terrified to step out of their houses. 

That is where the grocery delivery services through advanced app solutions come to the rescue. Grocery delivery app is an online platform via which users can place orders for purchasing groceries and other necessary products. It will be delivered at their doorsteps in no time safely. The fear of contracting the virus is reduced in this situation. It is a highly useful alternative for buying groceries and is beneficial for users and the business owner. If you are a business-minded person, then you can launch a similar venture in this pandemic season to help people. This blog will provide you an overall idea of the grocery app development. Go on and continue reading. 

grocery delivery app development

What are the business models available for a grocery app?

Your grocery delivery app can be built based on any one of the following business models. The model forms the base of a robust app, so choose a suitable model that fits the list of requirements you possess. 

Single store app:

If you have a grocery store in your region and want to develop the business, then you can do so with an optimized, stand-alone grocery delivery app solution for your store. You can hire a set of gig workers or form your own delivery team. You can deliver groceries to customers in your locality and establish your brand quickly. Once you generate increased revenue, you can expand your venture. 

Grocery chain model:

If you have a chain of grocery stores in your region, you can deliver groceries effectively with an online app. With a set of delivery executives for your brand, you can accept user requests, access their location, and deliver groceries at their doorsteps. All your store locations can be added to the app, and customers can order groceries from the nearest branch. 

Delivery-only model:

In this model, you will just provide the delivery service and the platform via which grocery store owners and users can connect. Multiple grocery store brands can be added to your platform and users will choose one of their choices. They will place an order instantly, and the delivery executives will pick up the specified items from the respective shops and deliver it to users. 

What are a few special precautionary measures taken in this outbreak season?

To ensure the utmost safety and good health of users and delivery executives, app owners should follow a handful of preventive measures as specified below:

The contact-less delivery feature:

Users and delivery agents do not have to come in contact with each other while availing of the service. Users can specify a particular spot outside the house or upload a photo of the spot to the app. Delivery personnel will leave the groceries in that location outside the house safely. 

Symptom and temperature check:

Business owners should make sure that the delivery agents do not possess any Covid-19 symptoms. They should also check the temperature of the gig workers or the delivery executives at regular intervals. 

Offer masks and sanitizers:

Delivery executives and store owners should sanitize their hands periodically. Store owners should also sanitize their stores before they start selling products every day. As a business owner, you can provide masks, sanitizers, and gloves to your delivery agents in order to protect them from contracting the virus. 

Proper sanitization:

After the groceries have been delivered, customers should sanitize the handle of the bag and other required places before they use the items. This will help them from being infected by the virus. 
App owners should make sure that every registered grocery store in the platform follows these preventive steps in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus. 

Simple roadmap of an online grocery delivery app:

Prior to initiating the grocery app development process, you have to finalize an effective workflow for the app. Only if the app is attractive, easy to use, and less time-consuming, people will consider leaning towards it. So, make sure your app has a simple workflow as specified here:

  • Users should be able to register with the app using their email IDs, social media handles, or mobile numbers. 
  • On successful registration, they have to finish the authentication process by entering the unique code they receive to their mobile phones. 
  • They can then analyze the list of stores or search for one of their choices. The list of items they require can be added to the cart. 
  • In the checkout phase, the total bill will be displayed. Users have to pay for the products and services using one of the payment modes available in the app. 
  • Delivery executives will accept the request and reach the respective grocery store. 
  • They will collect the specified items and get access to users’ locations.
  • Delivery agents will deliver the orders successfully at the users’ doorsteps. 
  • Users can rate the grocery delivery service on a scale of 1-5 and review the service if required. 

Help people in this lockdown period!

Since people are under lockdown and worried about stepping out of their homes, you can cater to their essential needs via your robust on-demand grocery delivery app. People will stay safe at their homes and will also be able to buy all the necessary items. Hence, it is a win-win situation. 

So, find the best grocery delivery app development company in the market and get started now. Build an error-free and feature-rich app that will be an instant success in the on-demand delivery market.

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