study MBBS in China

China provides several advantages to those medical aspirants who choose to study MBBS in China which is why the students rush to take admissions in Chinese medical universities as soon as the universities open for admissions. We will be discussing the advantages and even some minor disadvantages of studying MBBS in China and judge wisely whether studying in China is wise or not.

Major Advantages – 

  1. Economical – First and foremost point of contention for any medical university is that whether the education is economical or not as the students who are planning to study MBBS abroad would consider the cost and the expenses they would be incurred in the respective country. China offers an extremely economical and affordable MBBS program which is much cheaper than Indian medical universities.
  2. Education System – The education system of Chinese medical universities is considered one of the best and they have got immense recognition from the medical bodies worldwide.
  3. Infrastructure Facilities – Chinese medical schools are famous for their state of the art infrastructure facilities and the money they invest in upgrading these facilities on a regular basis. These infrastructure facilities offered in Chinese medical schools are much better than their Indian counterparts.
  4. International Exposure – The number of opportunities a medical aspirant can get while studying in China is much better in comparison to a student can get anywhere else because of global tie-ups of Chinese medical universities the students get lots of opportunities and get to learn a lot about the medical education on a global level.
  5. Extra-Curricular Activities – Now a day the equal importance is given to extracurricular activities along with the studies to ensure that the students always have a fresh mind and nourish their overall skills which are extremely important to growing on a good scale.
  6. Language – There is not an issue of the education and the language of studying in Chinese medical schools as the International students are taught completely in the English language.

Minor Disadvantages –

  1. Language Barrier – While the students are taught in the English language, however, the students would have to deal with local citizens of China like all of them might not know the English language. To deal with this all the Chinese Universities are instructed to teach the students a basic Chinese language course which gives a laymen idea to the students on how to talk with local people of China. 
  2. Food – While both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food is available in the country but for vegetarian Indian students it might be sometimes difficult because of the lack of easy availability of vegetarian food as most of the country is Non-vegetarian.

Other than these two points, we don’t find any other disadvantages of studying MBBS in China, and in our suggestion students should opt to study MBBS in China is they are looking to study MBBS abroad. China has many excellent universities such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, China Medical UniversitySoutheast University, Qingdao University, Jiangsu University, Kunming Medical University, and many others which are all recognized by the Medical Council of India. 

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