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Los Cabos beaches offer the perfect place to unwind with a cocktail and allow time to stand still. You can also find hidden treasures like Balandra Beach. Enjoy the best experiences with your family in Luxury Beachfront Villas Cabo San Lucas.

Balandra Beach is a long drive from Cabo. However, the famous waters and tranquil serenity make it well worth it. A large, shallow, still, turquoise cove will greet you upon arrival. It gently laps against the long shoreline. For the perfect day trip, escape the crowds and explore Balandra Beach Mexico’s natural wonders.

Balandra Beach Cabo has a small cove with sparkling water that is surrounded by low mountain peaks. You can walk around the bay to reach the deserted side and enjoy one of the most beautiful Cabo beaches. 

You’ll feel completely alone, no matter which side of the cove. Only a handful of tourists will be enjoying the beauty of the best Los Cabos beaches. It is a safe place for children to play safely while their parents walk along the shore or dive into the turquoise bay.

The calm waters make Balandra Beach Mexico perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding. A local vendor can rent you a boat or paddleboard at the small parking lot or on the beach. The large cove offers plenty of space for you to explore. 

This is one of the most popular Los Cabos beaches to snorkel. To discover the underwater marine life, bring your own snorkel. There are also many other activities that can be enjoyed outside the water. 

From the beach, head towards the mushroom-shaped landform to see a path up the mountain. After a quick climb, you can enjoy one of Mother Nature’s best views on Balandra Beach.

The Mushroom of Balandra

The Mushroom of Balandra (El Hongo de Balandra) is one of the most iconic icons in the area. Visitors can take many photographs in this area and fill their vacation with unforgettable memories that they can bring back. 

The locals ask you to respect Mother Nature’s fragility if you do make it to this area. The Mushroom of Balandra was damaged by some tourists a long time ago.

How do I get to Balandra Beach?

Balandra Beach is one of the most famous spots in Baja California Sur. It’s easy to find out how to get there. It is located 135km north of Los Cabos. It’s 27km further on the federal highway 11 Pichilingue–La Paz to reach La Paz. 

This highway has access to Pichilingue–El Tecolote highway. Renting a car is the best way to reach Balandra Beach, Cabo from Villa del Palmar Beach Resort and Spa Cabo San Lucas.

Once you have figured out how you will get there, the next thing you need to do is organize your time. To make the most of your day, you will need to get to Balandra Beach early. 

You will enjoy the road trip as part of the adventure. There will be many small towns along the route that will allow you to learn more about Mexico. The diverse landscapes, which range from desert to beaches, are also available.

Balandra Beach Mexico, for more than ten years, has been a Natural Protected Area. This keeps development and people away from the beautiful water. Visitors are required to bring water and snacks with them. There are no shops or restaurants along the beach. 

You should also bring a bag to collect trash and keep the beaches clean. Another tip to ensure a safe day at Balandra Beach Cabo: shuffle your feet when you walk across the cove. You don’t want baby stingrays to get on your feet!

Paradise can be found all around Los Cabos. Balandra Beach, one of the most exclusive beaches in the area, is where you will feel like you own a private beach. A day at Balandra Beach is a great way to spend a day in Los Cabos.

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