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Find Out the Most Dangerous Team in IPL

IPL or the Indian Premier League is considered to be the toughest T20 league in the world and to date over the last 14 years, 6 teams have won the title of this toughest T20 league out of which one is now not playing. 

However, when it comes to choosing the toughest team out of all the teams that are playing currently, the win percentage and the titles are not enough. There are a lot of other parameters too that are considered when we choose the most dangerous team in ipl which is why in the article, we are going to tell you about the teams that are considered dangerous in IPL. 

 Which are the Most Dangerous Teams in IPL?

Even though M.S.Dhoni-led Chennai Supre Kings have reached the final 9 times, it is still not the most dangerous team of IPL and Royal Challengers Bangalore have still remained trophyless even if they have some of the biggest names in international cricket. To be the most dangerous team of IPL, you need to have the perfect squad, a great captain and the mental capability to go through the entire season with the same passion. 

  1. Mumbai Indians – IPL Season 2020

Having won the trophy before the 2020 season four times and just last year in 2019, it was important for Mumbai Indians in 2020 to not let their motivation go down. Retaining 15 years from the last year’s team, Mumbai Indians had a complete 11-player team will the players that they have retained and they made no new changes to the squad apart from adding Trent Boult and Chris Lynn by imports. 

The team did not have the best start as they lost the starting few matches however, Mumbai Indians led by Rohit Sharma was not deterred and soon found the momentum with which they moved forward and claimed the trophy of the season. 

  1. Chennai Super Kings – IPL Season 2011

Chennai Super Kings has been one of the most successful teams of the franchise reaching 11 playoffs out of 14 however, the team looked magnificent and can be considered ipl dangerous team in 2011. The team won the IPL 2010 along with the Champions league which was enough to make the team dangerous but, the added benefit of M.S.Dhoni winning the 2011 world cup for India made the team a very big deal. 

The team showed wonderful strength even after being resurrected in the Mega auctions of 2011 and went on to defend their title by winning the 2011 IPL. 

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders – IPL season 2014

Captain Gautam Gambhir in IPL Season 2014 was determined to reach the playoffs and win the title once again in 2014 after winning it in 2012. The franchise chose a new approach and retained just two players and went in the auctions to create a team that turned out to be a game-changer as the new team made was full of match-winning names and proved the same by winning the IPL title the same year to prove that they were not a one year fluke. 

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