My Netgear Router Won’t Connect to Modem. Help Me Fix It!

People choose to set up Netgear WiFi routers in their houses due to their unmatchable internet performance. They can enhance this performance by performing some tweaks after doing routerlogin. But, the problem arises when the Netgear router won’t connect to the modem. In that scenario, the user is unable to access any setting of the router. Taking this into account, we’ve come up with this post. Here, we’ve discussed the reasons along with troubleshooting techniques to get the problem fixed. Read on.

Why Netgear Router Won’t Connect to Modem?

Let’s start the troubleshooting process by learning the reasons dragging you to face the connectivity issue between the router and modem. Given below are some of the most prominent reasons that might be the culprit.

  1. Weak Internet Connection

The very first reason why your Netgear router is not connecting to the modem might be an internet connection issue from the end of your ISP. Perhaps, he’s not doing his work properly. Chances are also that some maintenance has been happening at his end.

  1. Too Much Router-Modem Distance

Too much distance between the wireless router and modem can also be the cause behind their inability to connect. Know that if your WiFi devices are not able to see each other, you’ll experience nothing but internet connection issues like you’re currently facing.

  1. Damaged Ethernet Cable

When your WiFi devices [here, Netgear router and modem] share a direct connection i.e. are connected via an Ethernet cable, then the damaged status of the cable can also prevent them from sharing a stable connection.

So, these were the most prominent reasons why your Netgear router won’t connect to the modem. Apart from this, the improper placement of your wireless router can also push you into the mess of the issue that we’re currently discussing. Therefore, consider placing your router in a zero-interference zone and see if any good happens to you. On the off chance, you still have nothing in hand, the tips mentioned in the next section can be given a shot.

Fixed: Netgear Router Won’t Connect to Modem

Before starting the actual troubleshooting process, we advise you to give a new start to the WiFi router. Doing so will kick off technical glitches and helps the router to revive its performance. Therefore, without any delay, unplug the router from the socket, wait for some time, and connect it back. Now, you can try the following hacks:

  1. Contact Your ISP

First of all, contact your Internet Service Provider and see if there is an issue from his end. In case he agrees that there is something wrong, then we suggest you wait until he fixes the issue. Just in case, there is nothing wrong from his end, consider trying your hand at the following troubleshooting technique.

  1. Bring Your Devices Closer

As stated earlier that too much distance between the Netgear router and modem can also result in the problem that we are currently discussing, you’re supposed to bring them closer. However, placing them next to each other won’t be a good idea. Do you know why? It is because doing so increases the chances of their WiFi signals waging a war against each other. Thus, maintaining a safe distance between the devices must be your priority.

  1. Swap the Ethernet Cable

If your WiFi devices are connected with the help of the damaged Ethernet cable, then you’re required to do the obvious i.e. replace the existing Ethernet cable with a new one. However, while doing so, you are suggested to confirm its damage-free status. Besides, make sure that you are creating a finger-tight connection.

The Concluding Thought

If none of the aforementioned hacks help you to fix the Netgear router won’t connect to the modem issue, then you need to restore your router to the default factory mode and configure it from scratch via the IP address. To restore your router to the default factory mode, consider pushing the Reset button present on its back panel. However, you need to carry out the reset process very carefully.

Once you reconfigure your extender after resetting it, consider performing a firmware update. Your router needs to run on the latest firmware version no matter what. The reason being, the firmware controls the activities to be done by the hardware of the extender. Therefore, if you keep it outdated, then coming across the Netgear router won’t connect to the modem issue will just be the beginning.

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