Are you here to find out what exactly is the NGL means in the text then let us tell you that you are at the right place as here in this blog we are going to provide you with all the information you want about NGL so make sure that you are sticking to the article to the very end of it.

NGL full form is not going to lie or not gonna lie and you will see often using this short form in the conversations. Actually, NGL is an acronym that is used by the users in texting, social media posts, and also in instant messaging, and not only but there is many users still out there who do not use such short forms and they also do not know about the same.

People often use NGL in chat when they are trying to imply that they are not going to lie about something or they are not going to say something false about the same. Or for some people, NGL meaning in the chat is that they are trying to attempt the affair and even both the parties are already involved with some other person too.

There are many other slang words too which the users can use and they use it often in the conversations which they want to.

List of Some Similar Slang Words –

  1. IDC – I don’t care
  2. TBH – to be honest
  3. NGLTBH – not going to lie, to be honest, or not gonna lie, to be honest
  4. INGL –I am not going to lie or I’m not gonna lie
  5. FR – for real
  6. FRFR – for real for real
  7. STG – swear to god
  8. IMO – in my opinion
  9. IMHO – in my honest opinion

We hope that you got to know about the NGL and NGL meaning too.

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