Printing Technology

Overview of Printing Technology

What is Printing? 

Printing is the process of mass production of Text, Images, using templates. Earlier many non-paper products were used for printing like cylinder Seals and many objects like Cyrus cylinders and cylinders of Nabonidus. Moreover, the earliest form of printing was applied to woodblock printing mainly in China before 220 AD for cloth printing. There were many other amendments in the field of printing which include movable type which was invented by Bi Sheng on an average of around 1040 AD. Further, the printing press was then invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century. Also, check how to install brother printer without Cd?

Why is printing Important?

Printing media is the most crucial part of today’s scenario. As everything is online today but many aspects justify that printing is an important part because all the proofs and other important documents especially in the government sector are printed and then added up. Printing is considered as an important part because:

●     Printing is Tangible

●     Printing is considered credible

●     Printing assist you in establishing your brand

●     Printing generally helps you in reaching the market

●     Printing is considered more engaging as compared to online media

So, on the whole, printing turns out to be the important part when you want your organization or brand name to expand.

How to make your prints more Engaging?

You can make your prints more interesting by adding three things to them that includes:

1.    QR Codes: You can add some relatable QR codes to the printed material. This acts as a great way to connect market and web pages and helps in general growth.

2.    Infographics: You can add various infographics on your print that are both knowledgeable and attractive to the readers.

3.    Social Media Icons: When printing something about your brand, it becomes important to mark the social media icons of your brand to generate organic reach to your social media handles. As of today, everything is online, so the best you can do to grow your business is to make its visibility online.

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Introduction to Printing Technology

Printing is the old frame of things, but we can’t imagine what we are doing today without the printing press technology. Online media is just established, but the printing technology was a long way back designed to have a printed view of the thoughts of the old people. We are having all the writeups till age in every end. Because earlier people used to write with the inks which are long-lasting but it was not possible to create copies of those write-ups without the printing technology. Earlier the printing technology was the basis of the typewriter but transformed it with upgraded technologies like moveable press and many other technologies which promoted bulk printing and then computerized printing came into existence.

Innovations in printing technology have grown up to a large extent, which increased the production of pamphlets and newspapers all over the world. Read more to know about how to install brother printer without Cd?

Overview of 3D Printing

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. It is the general construction of a 3-dimensional object from a CAD model or a 3D digital model. The terminology 3D printing refers to a variety of processes to obtain prototypes with materials joined, solidified, under computer control to obtain 3D objects. 3D printing was generally suitable for functional or aesthetic prototypes. You can also check through how to install brother printer without Cd?

Different Printing Models

Printing has evolved so much with time instead of manually carving the woods. Various technology-based methods help you in the printing part in the long run. Some of these technologies are listed below:

●     Offset Lithography

●     LED UV

●     Flexography

●     Digital Printing

●     3D Printing

●     Screen Printing

●     Large Format


On the whole, printing has grown a lot with time from wood carving to printing press and then to computerized printing. The evolution in printing techniques has led to a lot of exposure in different fields related to printing. As discussed above, various printing technologies help in different types of printing like Offset Lithography, LED UV, Flexography, Digital Printing,3D Printing, Screen Printing, Large Format, etc.

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