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Product, Acer Chrome Book 14

Public Reviews | A rich man’s to Poor man’s price. It is a value added product unsure of its future. Acer chrome book is a double faced storey. On one side it is evolved considerable in terms of value addition of $300 laptops, Having an Aluminum body and all functional keyboards and damn good 1080p display. It performs everything that a chrome book does like net browsing, mailing, Google docs, Spotify, etc pretty well.

However on the flip side its performance is valued less due the lack of touch screen-because Google is planning to launch android apps into chrome OS. In order to move these apps with precision and quickness with a keyboard and a track pad is as difficult as eating Tandury chicken with a fork and knife.

Ultimately it is a good buy because a few years ago, your $300 would have got you a much inferior product with a lot of less features.


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Don’t be disappointed however there is another brand new pair of ear buds which offers true value for money upfront on the wireless technology. And the product is verve One by the same company launched at the Mobile World congress.

And on the shelf for sale at just $200, but they skipped heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking. The real function and focus is on the basic value of audio and audio alone. Not being the researched product of Motorola it is outsourced product from Binatone. A lot many $250 products like IP 57 have been tasted but this version of Motorola is far cry from what is actually expected of ear buds in terms of performance.

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There are two sides or rather function of these ear buds- one is ear bud to ear bud function and the other is ear bud to phone function. On the whole the verve One is still the best buy in the market today.