Hacked Facebook account recovery methods?

Facebook is a very popular and famous platform that users use all across the world and not only use but also use it for various purposes like texting, sharing posts and stories and many other things.

But if you are here then it is possible that your Facebook account hacked email and phone changed 2022 and now you are not able to access your account and you are looking for the solutions of the same.

Safety measure

If you do not want to look for ways for Fb account hacked how to recover then you need to take some safety measures to keep your account safe so that it is not hacked.

  • You must not give the user ID and the password of your account to anybody.
  • Users must keep your password of your account changing so that nobody could hack your account.
  • Users should not check the box of save my details and not only save their login credentials on any device which is not yours.

Ways to recover your account

  1. You can contact the customer service of Facebook or you can fill out a form for the same stating that your account was hacked and you are looking for how to recover your hacked Facebook account in 2022.

Another way users can try is to hire a third-party service which is a paid service for hacked Fb account recovery and for the help of users. But you must makes sure that you have hired a good agency which is reliable to use.

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