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What are some benefits of taking notes?

Helps to become more attentive: Taking notes keeps your mind active and helps in stimulating creation.

Retention: : It is well studied that written content registers much faster and retains longer in the brain of most people.

Helps to Organize Information: while taking notes, highlighting key thoughts or term help to keep organized notes. Highlighting can also help make it much easier to memorize the material youre studying.

Why notesginie?

Not every lecture is recorded by video or audio, but what every lecture should have our notes from everyone attending. notesginie help give users an opportunity to upload hand written notes from all grades and subjects ranging from but not limited to – Middle School, High School, Medical, Law, Commerce, Civil Services, Engineering, and Arts.

notesginie help to build skills and career development though our outlets. Some outlets include helping students collect data or notes from classes they missed or material they need more content on. From Medical to Engineering and Business Administration, here at notesginie we make shifting through material a breeze with our search bar. notesginie benefit the community by helping students and teachers pass a class, prepare learning material, and even earn money!

After conducting a survey with Medical, Engineering, Commerce, Arts and Law students around the world, we have verified just how important it is to prepare for academics and study notes. Collection of thousands of submissions Ensure students and teachers have the highest quality material possible.

Memorizing material can be daunting for students and teachers. Taking several different courses with extensive learning curves, it’s nice to have a hand every now and then. Imagine being able to just search a keyword in poof material, this is notesginie at our finest.

Using notesginie, we give user an opportunity to upload notes or research papers on any topics and earn money by submitting theirs.

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