People are always in search of finding effective yet economical ways of advertising and marketing their businesses. And technological evolution is helping them a lot in their efforts. One recent method of advertising came in the form of WiFi marketing tools. This tool is very effective and you don’t have to invest a lot in setting this advertising solution in your offline business. You must have installed free guest WiFi in your venue, you can turn this WiFi into social WiFi marketing solution by just hiring the services of WiFi marketing providers.   

With social WiFi tool in place, in exchange for complimentary Internet, customers will share info with you. You can use this information in your remarketing campaigns. This information can also help you in devising your sale and marketing strategies. Read on to learn what social WiFi is and how a captive portal tool can capture user information for your business. This blog also covers the benefits of WiFi marketing tools in general and their economic advantages in particular. 

Difference between WiFi Marketing and Social WiFi Marketing: 

With WiFi marketing, when a customer comes to your venue and tries to connect with your guest WiFi, he will reach a WiFi landing page. And on this page, he has to provide some information for the WiFi provider. The captive portal tool captures this information and stores it in the user profile database. You can use this information later to remarket new products and services. You can also get feedback and ask for reviews to improve your brand recognition.   

Social WiFi works almost the same, the only difference between the two is how a customer connects with your WiFi. With social WiFi, the visitors don’t have to fill that form, rather they can just use their social media account for making connections. These days, everyone is logged in on his device so it usually takes a single click to enjoy free Wi-Fi. All the other working of both marketing solutions is almost the same. 

Advantages of Social WiFi for Small and Medium-Scale Businesses: 

Social WiFi offers plenty of benefits for businesses and the most prominent of them is, it makes advertising so much affordable. Here are some of the merits of using social WiFi, 

Offers Cost-Effective Advertising Solution: 

Unlike traditional advertising, where you have to spend a big sum of money for marketing, social WiFi does it very economically. When a customer connects with your WiFi, you can advertise your products by sending push notifications. Furthermore, you can use geofencing to send relevant marketing messages to your customers. The information, like emails, phone numbers, and social media accounts can also be used to advertise your products once customers leave your premises. This method attracts more customers and increases your sales. 

Engages Customers for more Time: 

Everyone wants to stay connected all the time with the rest of the world through his phone. And for doing this, people need an internet connection. Mobile data is not a good option when cellular companies are charging you heavily for each MB you use. Free WiFi is a perk that every customer wants in a business venue he goes to. These WiFi tools help businesses in engaging their customers for longer. And when they stay in your place for more time, they will ultimately spend more. Hence, social WiFi improves your sales and as a result, your business will grow.    

WiFi Marketing Solution Provides You Accurate, Real-Time Customer Data: 

E-Stores can easily collect customer data from the very first time a customer engages with their store. The customer’s journey and progress through to sales completion can also be tracked. But offline businesses don’t have this luxury unless they are using social WiFi in their venues. When a customer logs in to your social WiFi, he provides important data such as his age, social demographics, and email address. This data alone is valuable, instantly giving you the tools to grow a contact list and customer database.   

Even better however is the data collected related to the behavior of your customer. This can include using location and beacon technology, to track dwell times, and hot spots in your store. You can send location-specific messages in real-time to customers browsing particular departments or products. 

Helps You Build Deeper Relationships with Your Customers: 

The tool of social Wifi marketing helps businesses in building deeper relationships with their customers. It provides you with an opportunity to reconnect with your customers well after they’ve left your store. The data you’ve collected also allows you to send more impactful marketing campaigns, which is great for your bottom line. Moreover, sending your customers coupons on their birthdays and sending personalized messages on other important occasions improves business to customer relations.  

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