Gone are the days when interactions had to be face-to-face with people. Technological advances including screen recording have made it easy for business individuals to market their products and services. Likewise, content creators have a wide base that creates a culture of human connection worldwide. A screen recorder app has it all in one place. It enables you to digitally record any content on your computer screen in a few minutes. These include the details of business meetings, marketing content, training tutorials, product demonstrations, and improving your communications with your clients.

EaseUS RecExperts – An Easy-to-Use Screen Recorder

This screen recorder has what it takes to capture any screen information from both your Mac and Windows OS devices. You can opt for full screen or a specific subset like a quarter or half of your screen. Nonetheless, this top-notch screen recorder can capture audio from the microphone or other system sounds. The quality of your video will also be on another level, going up to 4K resolution. You don’t have to stick to its parameters; easily customize the output settings to your preferences. These include changing the frame rate while recording games, setting the time limits, etc.

Main Features of EaseUSRecExperts

  • Record screen with advanced features
  • Record your video and audio simultaneously for an interactive content
  • Advanced editing including adding arrows, text, etc.
  • Background noise removal ability
  • Screen scheduler to automatically begin recording at set times
  • It supports numerous file formats like AVI, MP4, ASF, M4V, MOV, FLV, etc
  • Directly export your recordings to popular social sites and platforms

What Can You Do with EaseUS RecExperts?

EaseUS RecExperts encompasses a full set of features that enable you to record your video anywhere, capture a web camera, and schedule your recordings. Find below detailed functions that you can do with EaseUS screen recorder.

①. Record zoom/Microsoft teams meeting

Physical meetings have been minimized since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people resolved to online meetings like Zoom and Microsoft teams meetings. Perhaps, you wish to know how to record a zoom meeting without permission. Simply use EaseUS RecExperts to capture and record all the meeting sessions. You can then replay it later or share it on other social media sites for prompt access by your team members.

② Record skype/WhatsApp calls

You may wish to record your Skype or Whatsapp calls for various reasons. It could be a legal matter and you want some backup. Or, maybe you are slow at taking notes and looking for an alternative root to grasp all at once. This app gives you an upper hand in keeping all you discuss at bay. Recording your calls lets you play it back and pause at any point for emphasis and a rewatch.

③ Record how-to videos

There’s no more powerful illustration tool than a video. EaseUS RecExperts gives you a perfect deal on this. It will record your videos in high-quality with perfect digital sound. With this, your audience develops an ideal understanding of your body language and verbal communication. Do It Yourself videos are perfect ways to teach your audience any project from scratch to finish. More so, they are engaging and very educational in all aspects.

④ Record gameplay

You realized you are slowly becoming a pro in gameplay and don’t want any memories to go unnoticed. Here’s the deal; install EaseUS RecExperts on your PC and record those skillful moves and wins. You can record all those and replay them for fun. The beauty is that this tool also lets you export your screen records directly to social media sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

Screen recording tips

A few tactics will make your video pull it through thousands of other online videos.

  • It is worthwhile to have a plan on your topic. Prepare your session and have the steps to follow and description words at your fingertips.
  • Set your webcam proportionally and test the sound system before you start recording your videos. Ensure the audio quality is perfect.
  • Clean any background noise after the recording process. It’s good enough that some programs like EaseUsRecExpert let you clean such noise.
  • Use a reasonable length of time on your videos. You probably don’t want to keep your viewers for a long period on repetitive matters. Simply keep it short and precise but detailed.


The best communication tool is a video. It works, in a nutshell, to relay information and engage viewers as well. You can record your computer screen and share your content during presentations, class sessions, DIY demonstrations, tutorials, and gaming, etc. EaseUS RecExperts will help you record screen for any purpose with ease. Engage it to record audios and video as well as capture a web camera for a more engaging session.

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