The dos and don’ts of creating mobile app preview videos for app stores

Mobile apps are transforming the world around us. It is making our lives easier and bringing the global population closer. The rise of mCommerce is also fueling the growth of businesses.

However, the growth in popularity and usage of apps has also led to increase in a very stiff competition. It is not just enough to and launch it.

Your app must stand out on the app stores and attract the attention of your potential users. Did you know that app preview or promo videos can help you attain the same?

However, there are some crucial do’s and don’ts of creating app preview videos that you must keep in mind. So, stay with us till the end and find out all about it.

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Why are app previews important?

A preview video is a crucial part of the app’s meta information. It has a huge impact on your ASO (App Store Optimization) efforts and hence, cannot be taken lightly.

It is used to visually convey and explain the app’s core features to the potential users. While Google Play Store and Apple App Store differ slightly in their approach towards preview videos, the end goal of “conversions” and “visibility” remains the same.

Irrespective of the platform, the preview videos serve almost the exact same purpose. The videos should have the caliber of attracting eyeballs and tempting the users to download the app and try it.

When created with the right approach and understanding, app preview videos can help boost your app store rankings and visibility and also amplify your conversion rate.

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The dos of creating app preview videos

Let us discover some of the best practices of creating app preview videos in our dos section:

#1: Follow all the guidelines and best practices

When creating video xs for the app store previews, following guidelines becomes important. Do your research and go through the generic guidelines of the app store.

Follow the instructions when it comes to the file size, quality, resolution, etc. Also ensure that the contents of the video are bona fide and comply with the global standards of ethics and authenticity.

Create meaningful and crisp videos with a clear intent and purpose in mind. Do not hesitate in taking professional help and guidance for best results.

#2: Depict the real world usage and functionality

Do not try to lure in users by using fake promises or illustrations. In fact, use genuine screen shots from the app to create your videos and keep it original.

Illustrate only what you can really deliver. Highlight all the important and meaningful features of your app. Use can make a Promo Video, a Demo Video, or a Tutorial Video depending upon your goal.

#3: Make it to the point without relying on sound

The video should stand on its own and must not rely on sound. Hence, you should stay away for elaborate and explanatory A/Vs (audio visuals).

Even if you add sound (which you must), it should just be ornamental and support the video in some form. However, if a user plays the video on mute, the message should not be lost.

Create a “to the point” video that has self-explanatory visuals. Do not try to get too fanciful as less is more in the age where gathering the attention of your potential users is a real challenge.

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The don’ts of creating app preview videos

Now that you are aware of the dos, let us find out what should be avoided while creating app preview videos:

#1: Do not create a very long and complex video

Be extra cautious about the length of the video. Decide whether you need to use the entire time slot available or just a fraction of it is enough to convey your message.

Also, ensure that your video does not lead to a cognitive burden on the viewers. The thumb-nail should be catchy and tempt users to play the video, whereas the video should be short and plain.

#2: Do not keep important information for the end

Do not rely on the fact that your visitors will watch the entire video. Hence, do not wait till the end of the video to unveil a catchy or important information.

Make every second of the video counts and ensure that all the significant and catchy features are listed. Else, you can also use it just to spike the users’ interests in the app, thereby tempting them to download and try it.

#3: Do not forget to test the video for quality

The video should be compatible with various device types and should be adaptable to different display settings. In short, every user should be able to access the video and play it without any difficulty.

The best way to ensure that you create a quality preview video is to run tests. You may conduct A/B testing to adjudge the likeability of the video. You can also test its compatibility across various device and screen types.

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Wrapping Up!

That was all from our end today! Capitalize on the expanding mobile app market and amplify your profits by tapping into the mCommerce industry.

If you are still looking for app development companies then end your search here. Go for more modern methods of app development and build your own app without coding.

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