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The Plus And Minus Of Men’s Human Hair Toupee

Wearing a wig is one of the easiest solutions for a balding head, but the choice of one is not that simple. The men have a choice of picking one with synthetic hair or one made from real human hair. While both have their own merits and demerits, they are useful in helping the young and the middle-aged men get over the hurdle of baldness and give them the ability to get through life with confidence.

Toupees are available in various colours and styles and can be customised to suit a person’s specific needs such as a change in hairstyle, adding volume to hair and of course, to cover up a bald patch.

Certain people specifically request for a mens human hair toupee because of their benefits, but there are also certain disadvantages that one must keep in mind:

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The Plus Points

  • Style Them As You Like It

The toupees made from human hair can be treated just like normal hair and can be coloured and styled too. This feature is not available with the synthetic variety that are likely to get damaged in the process.

  • Natural Appearance

A toupee can disguise the thinning hair and make it look as gorgeous as it did before. You can even opt for a change of style.

  • Easy to Use

While it can take time for some to getting used to, these are extremely comfortable and easy to use. These use a special tape or glue to be affixed to the scalp. The hairpiece can easily stay on the scalp for a month without being removed. You can also carry on with your normal activities while wearing these.

  • Cheaper Option Than Transplant

A hair transplant, though more permanent, can be very expensive. While the hairpiece will need regular replacement, it still proves to be cheaper than the former.

  • Safe for the Scalp

Most toupees are made with a thin breathable base, which keeps the user feeling comfortable. It is hardly noticeable, even for the person wearing it. The advantage a men’s human hair toupee has over the others is that it is suitable even for sensitive skin. It also offers a protective covering for the scalp when using styling products or treatments.

The Minus

  • Needs Care

The toupee for the hair requires as much care as your natural hair. With proper care, a natural hairpiece can last up to a year as compared to the 6-month life of a synthetic one.

  • Delicate

Since these are made from human hair, they are delicate and more prone to damage when exposed to harsh conditions. They have to be treated gently for longer life.

  • More Expensive Than Synthetic

While it is a cheaper option than transplant, it is definitely more expensive than synthetic hair, for obvious reasons.

When a person has to make a decision, all these points must be made clear in order to ensure that he makes the right choice. Any decision must be taken with full knowledge of what they are buying from you.

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