Every field has its own highs and lows, but only a few can turn into spectacular or catastrophic outcomes upon doing everything right or making anomalies respectively. One such field is the law, which requires a huge collection of accuracy, attention and protected software to carry out this field’s functionalities. The one epic source to operate is Lawsyst, which enables you to improve practice, grow in the law field and develop command with available tools. We are the body of relevant equipment and improved case management system in NZ that help you in legal practice.

These features vary from use to requirement with every departmental need of practice arena. But 7 of them are alike in each that lightens your law experience and further develop into eminent profile among customers. This article unfolds these features with brief detail of each:


Time recording is being considered the most demanded tool in the legal fraternity. Its crucial importance cannot be denied. Its pertinence to legal matters is beyond the scope of this piece. But here we demonstrate labor law management solution in NZ and its depiction upon time and its compliance according to your needs. File management, synchronization of timesheets with users’ entry points, and case relevance. All system is perfectly concluded to give the best working experience to our vast clientele of attorneys.      

Lawsyst builds this software to equip legal practitioners with the safest and controlled manner of operation. Protection of your data, high end-to-end encryption, and a secure hosting environment make this software famous and earn you customers in big numeric orders. This case management system in NZ keeps you from getting inundated with malfunctions or glitches, whatsoever, as in every month we update the system and all procedures and protocols are undertaken with utmost secrecy and safety.


Our customer relationship management tool thwarts every impending hassle coming in your way. We ensure that lawyers and attorneys increase their practice, added with great cases and customers in their profiles. It manages to build loyal and trustworthy relationships among clients by producing timed billing or other payments without error. From lead management to maintaining global contact lists, all operations are performed through this versatile CRM system and labor law management solution in nz.


There come the accounting and bookkeeping features, as we all lawyers, attorneys, and law students are not much familiar with the know-how of this area. This facility helps you in billing payments, bank deposits and credits and invoice creation, and so forth. Plus, it equips you to function ultimate correctness and have every bill checked and stored in your dashboard. No more manual orientation now, as this case management system in NZ has brought the finest order to perform every math-related task with acute accuracy.

Finally, labor law management solution in NZ has reliable CRM system, time correspondence tool, perfect case management, accounting system, highly incorporated billing and invoice mechanism, calendar, and last, but not least ease of usage feature that binds all features cohesively and build an ideal environment for legal practice. So, if you want to avail of our wonderful services today, join Lawsyst at the earliest and get benefitted.      

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