Tips For Dressing In Winter Without Losing Your Style

The MOU boots are a shelter for your feet. But, these are not the only shoes suitable for winter. You can also choose boots or leather ankle boots, with or without heels. As well as military-style boots. Over-the-knee boots, among other options.

When buying shoes to wear during the winter it is necessary that they be of quality. Taking this into account is ensuring the safety and comfort you will feel when walking in the snow or rain. It is essential that they have a non-slip sole and that it gives good support to your feet so that you can walk calmly on different types of soil and under different weather conditions.

Other features that should not be missing in your footwear is waterproof and breathability, so that it can be an insulator from the cold.

Winter shoes for women

You don’t have to lose your elegance during winter. If you go to the office, for a walk, to the park or any other place in the city, opt for sophisticated ankle boots, such as those that reach the ankle and are thick heels. Most of this footwear is made with leather and other waterproof and thermal materials.

Winter shoes for men

Men can opt for Chelsea boots to complement their style when going to work. They also have the option of military-style boots, which will give you a more casual look, ideal for going out with friends or on weekends.

Winter sports shoes

These should have soles of two or three centimeters thick made with insulating material. And being one size bigger than usual, since it is often necessary to put on thermal socks, which are a little thicker than regular ones.

Accessories to wear in winter

In winter you can enhance your style with accessories. These, rather than adding something to your wardrobe, are very functional. Despite how gray the environment may be, you should have sunglasses in your wallet to protect your eyes when the sun rises.

An area that you cannot forget to cover are your hands and neck, for that use leather gloves that go with everything and a scarf or scarf that matches your clothes.

Mistakes you shouldn’t make in winter

Wear large garments without being oversize: when we say “loose clothing” we mean one that fits slightly off your body, not two or three sizes larger than yours. In the case of the third layer, it is sometimes necessary that you use it one size larger due to the clothes you are wearing underneath. A tip is to use fitted pieces, to your liking, so you can dress in layers, stay warm and stylish.

Wear summer clothes: summer clothes are very light. In addition, its textile composition is not at all suitable for winter. So forget about crop tops, tank tops, and sandals or open shoes like Peep Toe or mules.

Winter clothing is not the same as rainwear: the idea of wearing layers is that you can cover yourself from the cold. And, keep in mind that not always cold is equal to rain or leather jackets with hoodie for men. Even in winter, you should continue dressing for every occasion. Despite the weather season, it will not always rain. So why put those rubber boots on? Wear booties, ballerinas, and even sneakers.

What other tips for dressing in winter without losing your style

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