Influencer Marketing Agency Dubai

Influencer marketing has already built up a reputation as a reliable method to endorse brands, products, or services. The power of social media influencers to use their accounts to create buzz about said brands, products, or services is being harnessed by businesses all around the globe, giving birth to innumerable influencer marketing agencies. All the agencies are not equally equipped, though they may claim to be so.

Dubai is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, a major passenger and cargo transport hub, and a centre for regional and international trade. This makes it a favourable choice for influencer marketing, and also an influencer marketing agency in Dubai would be at the centre of attention, as one of the best choices when it comes to this industry.

A good influencer marketing agency not only offers a matching influencer and affordable rates but also additional services of the premium type which are also essential towards an effective campaign. Let us discuss the top 6 tips for the selection of an influencer marketing agency, specifically one in Dubai.

Social Media Channels

Most influencer marketing agencies have expertise in one social media channel and related influencers. Though this works in most cases it is not the best idea and is not guaranteed to succeed on all occasions. A good influencer marketing agency will have access to influencers from all social media channels, as well as have a presence on all channels.

Access and expertise limited to one social media channel will only restrict options and make the campaign management difficult. You will want an end-to-end solution to be free of internal delays and miscommunication. Also, limiting your campaign to one channel only might not bring in the desired results and additionally involving other agencies, accounts, or methods will make the campaign more complicated and expensive.

Given that, efficiency is the key to effectiveness in influencer marketing, so you will want to hire an agency that has access to a variety of influencers and thus, a variety of channels. This will let your campaign have a wider reach, be less cumbersome, and overall be more affordable.

Customer Support

This one is a largely important aspect during the campaign or before you might need immediate support or have a query.  So, the question is, who do you contact and how quickly you generate a response depends on the customer support promptness and their TAT. Not every agency values customer service and support causing miscommunication and unnecessary delays. Poor customer service causes losses by not being able to support the businesses.

Find an agency that provides excellent customer service with service and support personnel available 24/7, and if not that, then at least during the operational business hours. The customer support must be professional and well-informed to support the business, including multiple support options or channels such as phone, email, and chat.

The agency’s dashboard or platform should also have resources such as blogs or FAQs to act as interim guides, if not full-fledged solutions. Essentially, you should have answers to your questions whenever you need them.

Packages and Involved Cost 

The cost of the agency’s involvement with your brand may vary depending on the magnitude of the campaign and your selected services. In some cases, the popularity of the agency is also a determining factor in the cost of hiring them.

Try not to involve the services of popular agencies which may charge only because of their reputation and not appropriate service offering. There will always be affordable agencies that will charge based on their services and offer influencers who will be equally effective in endorsing your brand, product, or service.

Research well and shortlist the agencies which fit your budget that also offer the services you require. Normally, additional or add-on services are charged separately in addition to the base package that agencies have to offer. Make sure that there are no hidden charges or commissions which could cause you to overspend than what you intended and planned.

At the same time, different agencies offer varying packages and you must inquire properly and select the one that suits you best.

Analytical Tools

Connecting influencers and brands as the sole objective of an influencer marketing agency are long gone. In today’s current times, agencies offer much more in the form of services and tools, allowing for brands and influencers to communicate effectively, have a set of analytical tools to check achieved numbers and their meanings, make the payments, and manage the campaigns.

Hire an agency that offers tools to plan and execute campaigns that will have a wider reach and engagement. The tools should have features to track, measure, and assess the numbers against the KPIs. Also, refrain from hiring agencies that do not have proper ways and means to quantify and reveal campaign results.

Overall Ease

Try not to select an agency that has complicated processes and a difficult approach. The main objective of an agency should be to make it easy and to go the extra mile when needed. The tools and interface must be simple and user-friendly. For mobility, they should be accessible on handheld devices, as well as irrespective of hardware or software restrictions.

Choose an agency that offers easy and user-friendly tools and web resources.

Quality of Influencers

Most importantly, an agency is as good as its influencers, and an influencer can make or break your campaign. Choose an agency that has a wide range of influencers for you to choose from ensuring your campaign makes the most of the situation.

Selecting an influencer marketing agency in Dubai is not cumbersome if you consider the above while selecting. A good decision and appropriate selection will ensure a successful campaign for your business.

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