Top 10 Reverse Image Search Tools for Professionals

Reverse Image Search is based on the image search technology that takes image files as input from the user and returns the result to the users based on the specific image. It allows you to quickly find visually similar images on the web.

How Reverse Image Search is Useful for professionals?

Reverse Image Search is useful for a wide range of professionals. Journalists can use the Reverse Image Search Option in order to find the original source of the image besides they can also find out when a particular image was first published on the web.

Photographers can use the Reverse Image Search option in order to protect their digital property through knowing which website is using their images without their permission.

It is very important to track your media on the internet in the way that you are aware of particular websites are using your images in order to get proper credit for your work if someone is using your images.

Top 10 Reverse Image Tools for Professionals

  • Tin Eye
  • Prepostseo
  • Google Images
  • Yahoo Image Search
  • Bing Image Search
  • Pinterest Image Search Tool
  • Pic Search
  • Flickr
  • Getty Images
  • Yandex

Tin Eye

Tin Eye Reverse Image Search Tool allows you to find the source of an image and helps you to find where a particular image is appearing on the web. It is more appropriate for faster reverse image search.

Tin Eye provides you with multiple options i.e. you can either upload an image or enter the URL and can search for the image based on a specific URL. Besides, you can also add Tin Eye in your Chrome Brower through Google Chrome Extension.


Prepostseo has also developed a tool that allows you to search for your query based on the image rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks. You will be provided with multiple options like.

  • Search by Image
  • Search by URL
  • Search by Keyword

i.e. you can search for your desired result either by image, URL or keyword. It is completely free to use and offers you some of its premium features for free like there is no limitations on the number of searches. You can perform multiple searches in a day without paying anything and without any limitation.

Google Images

For the past few years, Google Image has also introduced a new tool that allows the users to search for the query based on images. For deep searching, it has also introduced some filters that allow the users you to further minimize their results.

On uploading your image, you will be provided with some advanced options and filters like sort by type of photo, rights, usage, color, size, filter and so on. This allows you to find the Exact Match Images besides you can also look for images that are Royalty Free.

Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo Image Search is similar to the Google Image Search however it results are slightly different. Unlike Google filtering tools are not hidden in the Yahoo Image Search but also easy to access.

Bing Image Search

Bing Image Search is an alternative to Google. However, it is slightly different from Google from the perspective that it also allows you to find the most trending and popular images.

Bing allows you to apply filters on your images.

  • Color
  • Type
  • Layout
  • People
  • Data
  • License

Besides, you can also modify the search i.e. search at the very high, deep or moderate level. One of the best features of Bing Image Search is it also allows you to save your images. That is the main reason why Bing is an alternative to Google.

Pinterest Image Search Tool

As Pinterest is an Image Platform, therefore, it is natural if it also provides Reverse Image Search Tool. The tool is very simple and easy to use you just have to undergo some of the following steps in order to perform an image search on Pinterest.

  • Login Pinterest
  • Click on any of the pins either on profile or board
  • Click on the visual search icon

The tool will instantly perform the search against your query.

Pic Search

Pic Search is a reverse image search tool that provides you with a diverse range of results. It is a great tool for finding images that exactly matches your result. However, the tool is not as accurate as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The Advance options of the feature allows you to sort your images based on size, orientation and type.


Flickr is an image platform with more than 87 million registered users while more than 3.5 million new images are uploaded on this platform every day. Besides, the tool has flexibility in the way that professional photographers and amateur share their work on this platform.

Flickr has an advance Reverse Image Search feature. You can sort images based on the three categories, safe, moderate and restricted. The filtering options of Flickr has different levels of accessibility.

The Reverse Search Image feature of this tool allows you to sort the images based on license, color, relevancy and sizes. The accuracy of this tool is 99.99%.

Getty Images

Getty Images is a supplier of stock photos, edited images, and videos for commercial and non-commercial usage with more than 20 crore active assets. You can also pick images from Getty if you belong to one of the following categories.

  • Creative Professionals (Graphic Designers and Advertisers)
  • Media (Online Publishing and Printing)
  • Corporate (Marketing, Designing, and Communication Departments)


Yandex is a Russian search engine with a reverse image search of its own. It allows you to fetch the images on its platform either through URL or direct photo upload from the computer.

The tool is best if you want to track duplicate images. Besides, it also provides you with the flexibility to search for the images without registering or signing-up.


We have discussed the Reverse Image Search in detail as well as guide you on one of the best platforms if you want to perform Reverse Image Search. It is recommended to use these tools as we have tested these tools on our own besides these are also trusted by a wide range of community around the world.

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