Top 3 Things You Must Learn Before Applying For Debt Consolidation Loan

You may feel delighted as soon as you hear that debt consolidation loans can help you take control of your finances. However, before applying for it, you must learn about certain crucial facts about it.

Debt consolidation as the name only suggests is basically a strategy that combines your multiple debts (mostly unsecured debts) repayments into a single payment debt. So, basically you would be drawing out a lump sum amount through debt consolidation loans the UK or any other location to pay off your multiple debt amount.

But, there’s a lot more involved in this loan, and knowing about them is equally important. Below we have listed some crucial things about debt consolidation loans before you apply for it.

1.    Your debts are not reduced

If you think that taking a debt consolidation loan will reduce your prior existing debts then you are certainly very wrong. In fact, you will be having the same amount of debts even after drawing out a debt consolidation loan.

However, the hassle of paying for multiple debts and meeting up with multiple deadlines, all you have to pay now is for a single debt source. This significantly eases the stress of repaying for multiple debts. That’s what debt consolidation loans do for you.

2.    Common procedure involved

Now what many consumers do is that they consolidate with a home equity loan which is not a very wise choice to make. As most of your debts are unsecured, this method is a lot riskier. Now all your unsecured debts shall be secured by your home.

So, if by chance you are unable to repay the consolidated loan amount then your home can be foreclosed by default. This situation would not be happening if your unpaid debts stayed on independent credit cards.

Also, taking up a debt consolidation loan does not essentially consolidate your multiple debts into one but consolidate the multiple repayment source into one. The company from which you draw out the consolidation loan will be dividing your payment and paying off the separate creditors.

This is how it works and you as a consumer must be clear about the procedure involved in a debt consolidation loan.

3.    Being alert is extremely crucial

Now there are so many instances where a consumer was scammed while they were drawing out debt consolidation loans. It is a true fact that there are many debt consolidation loans offering companies that are simply scammers.

The chances of you getting involved with a company are very likely that may talk you into drawing out a high-interest rate loan that will cost you more in a long time session rather than paying off your debts on your own.

This is one of the many strategies of scammers who offer debt consolidation loans. That’s why it is extremely crucial you remain alert while signing up for loans as such. As they may do more damage than the good it promises to do.


Even though debt consolidation loans are a good way to take control of your finances, keeping the above-enumerated facts in your mind will do you good. Choose a trustworthy company, read all the policies, and definitely keep a note of the above-listed facts before you draw out a debt consolidation loans UK or in any other locations.

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